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One of the best feelings in the world is when you find that hair dresser who just gets you…you girls know what I mean…your hair is great, your conversation is great, the friendship is great…just ALL of it. That is exactly how I feel about my girl, Oxana, and after our Instagram Live Take-Over (SO much fun)..I think you guys all get why! She is the absolute best, and knows ALL THE THINGS when it comes to hair!

We covered a ton of information, so I figured a little round up would be fun and easy access if you all need it at your fingertips…and for me, it is a great reminder of all the things I should and should NOT be doing…hello tight ponytails and hats…CRAZY!

photos | Brooke Boling


GHD hot tools are definitely some of the best quality and better results you will see as far as hair tools go… Oxana LOVES them, and so do I! For a good wave, I use the 1 inch wand they offer… I am not the greatest at the whole using a curling iron thing, so I find the wand is better for me personally and it gives me the same type of results and faster (hello 20 minutes and I am out the door…you are very welcome Steve)…but if you like curls and are a curling iron guru, proud of you and GHD has the tool for you! It’s what Oxana was using in the Insta-Live for me, and I LOVE the results it gives.

She also uses the GHD straightener, which is AMAZING! Talk about fast straightening, AND easy to pack- it travels with me everywhere I go! All types of metal are good, but she recommends Platinum Plus for best quality.

For hair dryers, both me and Oxana have the GHD blow dryer..and it is a magical tool. It dries your hair fast but also gives is that professional blow out look. SO good.

At her salon, she uses the BIO IONIC 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer, which is what you saw in the video and is great for her working with clients all day, but at home she’s a GHD girl.


A lot of you were noticing the brushes that she was using during the drying/styling of my hair, and they are the Ibiza Hair brushes. They have a specific one for blondes or you can just get the generic, but they are soft and work INCREDIBLY. They add volume and smoothness, so you will walk out of your bathroom looking like you walked out of the salon!

Another thing that Oxana uses that is just WOW….is the Davines Volume Assistant Powder/Brush. It is coconut and bamboo powder that she puts into this little powder brush…she brushes it into the parts of my hair that may get the oiliest, and BOOM clean scalp and volume.


YOUR Q + A’s

She shared a lot of SUPER helpful tips last night, and some that I definitely needed reminders on!

“No Hats?” The moment she mentioned hats we all panic,..but no need! You can still wear a baseball cap or any kind of hat, the key is to not move the hat around as you wear it and do not wear it with a tight pony tail. If you can, wear your hair down with it or half up, half down. The important part, and I learned the hard way, is that when you wear a ponytail with a hat, it breaks your hair, which then causes long term damage, so wearing it down or loose helps a ton.

“How Often Do I Wash My Hair?” Shampooing your hair is of course very important, but don’t do it too often. And you just read that over and over…I know. First, we all know Living Proof Dry Shampoo is one of my FAVORITE things ever, and while it helps when I don’t have time or I just don’t want to, it also is saving my hair. WINNER. Training your hair to not be washed often will help your hair stay healthy, and if you color your hair, it will also help your color to stay.

“How Many Times Do I Shampoo?”– Not to be confused with the question above, this is all about that moment you are in the shower, about to shampoo your hair. If you only shampoo your hair once, you are not actually cleaning your hair. WHAT? You heard me girl. You have to shampoo your hair 2-3 times to really get all of the chemicals, products and oil off the hair. If you use two different shampoos, such as a color corrective, purple shampoo or anything like that, use that twice and then a moisturizing shampoo as your last wash. This will make ALL the difference.

“Face Framing and Layers?” Oxana tries not to face frame, she trims the front and creates a square in the front. “When people don’t have thick hair, she will do face framing up until the hairline, but as far as what goes past the eye line, I just do a square cut to help it fall naturally.” As far as layers, they are not intentional. If the hair is super heavy, she will do layers, but more she sections it out and slices it. Weird sounding I know, but your professional hair lady will know what ya mean!

“How Do I Explain Landyn’s Hairstyle To My Hairdresser?” Oxana explains that it is a heavy blunt bottom with very blended layers, so a bit of a modern shag, so when you start moving the haircut, you can see the layers but it is very blended at the top and super blunt. This way you can wear it straight or curly, and the layers that are there will add volume and good texture.


I’m an idiot and didn’t hit save before I set it live 🙁 And then this morning the 2nd part was gone?!!? What happened?!?! HELP. I’m not very good at this. Should go LIVE more often. I promise I will NEVER do that again. If any of your questions didn’t get answered, just email me at and I’ll for sure answer you back while it’s fresh on my mind! Maybe we can film a real video again. What do you think?



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February 28, 2019



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Thank you for the Live video during your recent hair appointment. Any chance you could share a pic of it next time it’s straight? I love your cut and hoped to be able to show my stylist a pic as well as use the description you shared from your stylist.

I’m so sad I wasn’t able to watch it live! And in the morning I had time to watch and missed the whole dry cutting, drying, and curling which I really wanted to see!!!!!! Please do it again next time!! 🙏.

I LOVE your color! I couldn’t catch the live (thank you for this post)… can you share a photo of your color? Like from an angle that shows how the highlights are placed and gives true-time color (as best as you can)? xoxo thank you!!!

I’m coming to Nashville in June. I wonder if your girl, Oxana could work me in. I would go get the Landyn blonde and cut!!!

I thought the ghd flat iron had black paddles. Is it different from what you linked here?

Hey girl!

Yes, I linked both both in the post now, but for it to be easier for you, this is the one with black paddles, which is the platinum she recommended…SO good!

Can you please link the blue Kerastase heat protectant for blondes she was using?

Hey girl!

It won’t let me link that amount of products on here, but if you want to shoot me an email at, I can give you ALL the deets!




If Oxana is booked who at the salon would you recommend for brunette color and cut?
Reply to  Amanda

Hey girl!

I love all the people there, and the great thing about Oxana is that she has someone who is qualified for every different hair type! I would definitely give them a call and see who they recommend. You will LOVE it.



So when you say wash your hair more than once, can you give us your favorites for washing and how you do it? Like wash and condition then wash and condition again? Didn’t know if it’s better to use two different types of shampoos and conditioner or use the same one twice?

What does she do for your color it looks beautiful?

Thank you for this! Is there any way you can share a photo of your haircut, preferably straight which we can share with our own fabulous hairdressers? Saves the headache of searching through Instagram each time we try to show them your great haircut. Thank you!

carol a fread

Landyn, can you please tell me the color product your stylist uses to color your hair, the process (is it 2 different colors, etc.) and what are those colors?
Anything you can tell me, so in Florida my stylist can copy your hair and hair cut exactly. BTW I am 59 and LOVE LOVE you. Our whole family follows you, my daughter, son in law, niece.

If you could email me at, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you


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