I don’t know about you, but I love going to bed knowing that when I wake up my house is fresh + clean and everything is it’s place. I’ve never been properly diagnosed, but I’m pretty certain there’s a little OCD somewhere within me. You too? I think I get it from my mom. She was able to be a stay at home mom and lucky for us, she was always was home. Our home was her castle and she always loved making everything look beautiful. We always came home to a clean smelling home and a delicious dinner. Now, don’t think for a second we didn’t have our hands in all that. Belinda ran a tight ship, one with lines in the carpet, a freshly hosed down front porch and weekly Windex’d windows. Gosh, I love her for that now. At the time we were frighted. Ha! But you better believe she raised two great sons that’s wives surely do appreciate it and two girls that can keep a beautiful home and can cook some pretty damn good meals. WE LOVE YOU MOM.

I always cleaned our house when Steve and I first got married, and loved it…and no I am not just saying that! It was my first stab at the whole wife thing and I owned it and was super proud. When we moved from Seattle to Minnesota and had two kids, Steve said, “Babe, let’s get you some help”, so I hesistantly agreed. Like I said, I loved doing it myself and really did find joy in keeping my house a home. I didn’t mind getting down and dirty and definitely do not find chore below me, but with our NFL travels, constant entertaining ( ladies, I’m talking 8 home games a season for 12 years, and damn near guests at every one. I was basically running a small hotel) I knew the help wouldn’t be the worst thing. But let me tell you, I will scrub a toilet and make a bed like no other and honestly… I find it pretty therapeutic. It’s a pretty good feeling when it’s completed. Not to mention the clean smells and everything in it’s place.


Now my saving grace, and a person I LOVE more than anything is Betza. She cleaned this house for 20 years before we moved in, and is the heartbeat of this home. When the family moved out, they recommended her and she has become like family to us too. Even if I ask her for ironing help ( cause lord knows I hate that, she lights right up, she LOVES ironing. WTH. I told you, she’s a unicorn), she won’t blink an ete. One day she even asked if I needed my sheets ironed and I was like SAY WHAT?! Have you ever had that done? It’s a GAME CHANGER. But I can’t ask her to do that, even though, she really wants to, and sometimes I let her. She is the BEST. I mean I can’t even tell you how much I love her…and her cooking is UNREAL. I feel so lucky to have her in my life and a part of our family. And If you LOVE Mexican food like I do, check out our cooking day together, fun video and four delicious recipes. Plus, she spills all her delicious secrets, you really need to check that out next!


I have definitely dabbled in different types of products, but I love a familiar smells and making my home feel like when I was a kid growing up, so I have stuck with the traditional products my mom used. . I love Ivory dish soap, Clorox Clean Up, good ol’ Comet in the shower, Windex, 409, Murphy Oil Soap on my floors, Mrs. Meyers products in the bathrooms. The genius invention that is a Swiffer duster, Tilex…apparently bleach is all the rage in my cleaning closet, and I think it has a lot to do with the ultra clean smell and look it gives…anything that makes my whites brighter, I am ALL IN.


A few years ago, I asked for a Rumba for Mother’s Day…yes I know it could have been jewelry I suppose, but like I said, I love clean house. HA! I ended up getting the Rumba 900 Series, and named him, Kevin and man, does Kevin ever save me some time! I set him on a schedule when I leave, and when I get back all the dust and dog hair G O N E. I am obsessed. I owe my sanity to my main man, Kevin.

I told ya, this mama runs a tight ship. Like I said, I love waking up to a clean home, cleaning lady or not, nothing is better than when your home is clean and everything has a place. People will walk in and ask if anyone even lives here, and that is the best compliment you could give a girl. HA! Would love to know what your favorite products are? Anything you can’t live without?



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March 25, 2019



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What do you clean your outdoor furniture with? You shared it earlier in the year

Reply to  denise

Hey girl! Yes, the most magical outdoor cleaner ever is called Spray + Forget:…it worked INCREDIBLY. I can’t recommend it enough.




Okay. I’m clean. Not as clean as you, sounds like, but I like a tidy home. My husband on the other hand. Ew! I mean, EWWWW! He’s filthy. Still lives like he’s a bachelor.

How do you manage your expectations of maintaining a clean home while not nagging the family day in and day out to pick up after themselves?

Or do you just pick up after them and live with it?


Which product do you use to remove pet stains and scents?

Kimberly B Agee

What company is Betza with? I’m wondering if she is open to more work here in Nash


She is actually independent !

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