My heart truly goes out for the high school seniors who aren’t getting to finish out the final year of school. There are so many traditions that have been cancelled–proms, play offs, senior nights…graduations! I feel for them during what I remember as a very special time. I know schools and families are getting creative with celebrations and ways to celebrate these kids. For those of you looking for gifts, wanted to make some suggestions. A few other ideas:

  • Collect letters and videos of congrats and encouragement to compile as a surprise.
  • Organize a drive by party with decorated cars, balloons, the works!
  • Check out Cameo to have a favorite athlete or celeb send them a personalized message.
  • Annual subscriptions are a fantastic gift–the gift that keeps on giving as they transition into this new chapter of their lives. Everything from Prime to Audible to product boxes!

My love to you all!



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April 29, 2020

Celebrating High School Seniors

Gift Guides

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