GIRLS, meet my fairy godmother aka my fairy hairdresser. Oxana has been a constant in my life here is Nashville since I first moved here, about 5 years ago. She is one of my dearest dearest friends and I might be biased but I really think she’s the best of the best when it comes to hair. She has transformed my hair  and I am forever in debted to her – plus as you can imagine, I’m missing her like crazy right now. Not only is she a bad ass hairdresser but she is also one of the best moms I know. I’m so proud of her for take a leap a last year and opening up her own salon, Oxana Salon, she’s such an inspiration for following her dreams. Today was a blast ! WE CUT OUR HAIR LIVE. Yes, yes we did.


What have you been up to?

I’m doing this masterclass – and the first thing we discussed is finding you “why”. I am finding that I am so obsessed with encouraging women. I mean, 12 years ago I was working at McDonalds and I didn’t know any English. You know, the girls that work for me, they’re not just my co-workers they are my family. I love my girls and pushing them and encouraging them to do anything.  And the women in my chair, they are family as well, it’s crazy because I see the transition in so many people and I get to be a part of so many big events in people lives.

You know when I first moved to Nashville, I came with only a few pots and pans. I just want to say if you have a dream you can do it. If you show up everyday and you do your best, good things will happen! You will figure it out. Put good energy out and do what you love and mean it. I was born in Moldova, it’s a third of TN which is crazy, it’s a small and pour country. 

How we met – 

When I moved to Nashville, I didn’t have a hair dresser – and you know those are the hardest to find. I was reading in a magazine and I saw this ad for a salon called Element and I called to get an appointment and who I wanted was booked for.6.months. They said we do have a new girl that that can get you in on this week and that was it. I haven’t seen anyone else since.

I started all fresh to Nashville, The first thing we connected on was that I wanted to change my home, make it bright and white and boom. it was history.  Then you loved your blonde and you went to a brighter blonde.

What is Landyn’s hair like? 

You Landyn, I your kind of hair, you’ll leave the salon and you’ll be bright but when you leave your hair absorbs everything around you and when you come back in you can tell that it has become more dual. You are also a good student, doing all your homework – all the oils, products and even a hair water filter! That has made a world of difference for you. There are a lot of things that can affect your blonde (pro – tip do not leave a hair mask over night, that is only supposed to be on for 20 minutes)

What are we doing with our color now? Obviously we all have some grow out. 

You know what, I saw Jimmy Falon + DJ Khald with grown out hair – don’ I would not recommend it at all, especially if you are blonde – you do not want the sun in affect. You can say no to everybody but you can’t say go out and try it for everyone. If you’re really not going anywhere, just let it go. Hey, at least everyone is doing it. If you can hold, please hold. The bigger the difference between your natural and the color you want – 

If someone said IDC Oxana, I am doing it and going to Walgreens to get the box

I cannot tell you the exact brand because I have never gone in those aisles – hahah Do not get the Feria brand – some of those colors in the grocery stores have metals in. Make sure to always check the ingredient. Just know the grocery store brands will go darker because I think it has a higher ammonia. The hair around your hairline is finer and should be a lighter color than the back of your root. The hair around your face will always look darker and it does not look natural.

Alright so we’re home and out family needs a hair – can you show us how to at least give us a little trend. 

When you texted me a bout it the first time, I was like hellllllll no. I thought I wouldn’t even know how to instruct you. So if you have longer hair, definitely split it in half down the back. Don’t pull the hair to the front of your face, brush it towards the back. If you have longer hair, you can totally split it into pony tails. So hold you hair and if you have a lot start to section your hair, then grab your section (don’t tilt your head) then slide it towards the back. Take your scissors at an angle and go up at the cut. Make sure that your scissors are sharp enough – or you might have to go across – aka you might not need to use kitchen scissors. 

If you want to do a pony tail – go for it. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. I would rather you do it with the pony tail and then someone correct it in the back – it hard to get a perfect straight line. For those who have long hair, you could always pull it up in a pony tail and take the scissors to it for a quick trim.

The Beachy Wave

I always start by sectioning the top, then I start at the bottom and I take a piece like so, take my hair spray, spray it first and then I wrap behind and always leave out the end. Then I go through and do the next one and I don’t even try to do it super neat and you don’t want a perfect curl. Here is the wand that I love and also, check out my video on how I do my beachy wave!


Where should we be spending out money on our hair?

If your blonde is pretty easy and stays bright – you can still with a more normal shampoo and invest in your stylers. If your blonde gets pretty brassy, you definitely want to invest in your shampoo. There are products that I love from SHU, (Muroto volume hydro-texturizing mist from Shu Uemura + Essence absolu nourishing protective oil from shu) it’s almost like liquid gold. I love these products because they are very very light. Landyn loves this stuff – she calls it crack for your hair hahaha It’s an 8 hour night time serum, it turns your hair to absolute magic. Now we all use dry shampoo – we love it right?! But it can definitely clog your hair and create a film but I love this stuff, it’s a scalp scrub so you can get more shine and volume (I personally use it 3 times a month)

What about the Olaplex?

I have not tried their shampoo or conditioner, but I have heard wonderful things. The Olaplex 3 is for you to put on dirty hair before you shampoo it and it helps with the bonding in your hair. It’s pretty awesome stuff!

If you are local please feel free to order and pick up from Oxana Salon!



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April 28, 2020

Live With Landyn: Oxana Meade


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shower filter please?


You mentioned a water filter on your shower head that made a big difference. Can you share that?

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