Meet my new scarecrow! The new man in my life! I made him last weekend to protect the beds in my garden from sneaky critters. So far, so good! As promised, here’s a breakdown of how to make one yourself.

I have the supplies linked below. You need:

  • Men’s overalls. I ordered were 32 with 34 length and they were perfect for the measurements on the scarecrow body.
  • A large long sleeve shirt. I did black and white stripes to match my patio cushions. And yes, my scarecrow looks like the Hamburglar.
  • Wood for frame
  • A fake crow
  • Jute twine to tie the arms and legs
  • Poly-fil to stuff the body
  • Burlap to make the head and any patch accents on the clothing.
  • Straw bales. They sell these for craft projects.

Steve helped me male the frame for the body. Here are the measurements:

  • Arm: 54”
  • Torso: 26”
  • Hips: 16”
  • Legs : 44”

Once you have the frame, putting your guy together is relatively simple. Put on the shirt, add filling and use the jute twine to tie the arms and torso closed. The overalls are next. Be sure to add hay sticking out of the ends of the hands and feet as you make the ties. To make the head, you need a large piece of burlap and a good handful of the Poly-fil in a ball. Tie the burlap around and neck at the top of the body frame and you have a head! Add final touches like the hat, hay sticking out of the pockets and make patches from leftover burlap. Pretty fun, right?!

Happy gardening!


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April 7, 2020

DIY Scarecrow


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