Whew. I am still breathing heavy from this past work out – can.you.even. We took this time this morning with my trainer, a Minnesota boy, Kevin (who is seriously the biggest sweet heart) who own KLUG Fitness. He’s one of the best in Nashville, he even trains Luke Combs. Working out is so mental for me and I know I need to make the time. Did you get a chance to work out with us? As you can tell, we didn’t go to in depth with the questions, we were too busy panting and sweating – we’ll have him on here again for a Q+A for sure! What questions do you have for Kevin?


What’s your weakness during quarantine? 

Salty for sure, ice cream is my biggest thing but I gave it up for lent. BUT right now, chocolate covered pretzels – YUM. 

What have you been up to in quarantine. 

I have also added walking to my regime, its been really great. It’s also really good for the mental health to mediate. 


Push ups, use an incline (like a bench or a table) – not on your knees.

if you count your reps, it will help with your overall breathing – that’s why it’s important to keep up with your reps

you can do anything for a minute 

if you don’t feel motivated to do anything – start working out, it will change




April 8, 2020

Live With Landyn: Kevin with KLUG FITNESS


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If our wrists hurt when hands are flat on the ground, (For push ups, planks, bear planks, etc.) is it ok to put them in fists instead?
Great workout! Thanks!


Do you recommend the Gallon or the 64 oz. water bottle?


Did you do the monster walk??


Is that a Fitbit you are wearing or an Apple Watch?

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