Hey everyone!

You asked, I answered! Time for my favorite – some q+a!

Today I am answering your top must-know questions ALL about living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You guys know that I am a girl that believes in consistency and balance, and while I am by no means a health expert, I do know what works for me and I couldn’t be more excited to share that with you!

So, on today’s episode we are going to chat about:

  • Pleasing picky eaters (you know the ones who can’t stand if their food touches!)
  • How I stay motivated – hint: it’s not the number on the scale,
  • My personal, practical tips for meal prepping and at home workouts, and
  • Easy, go-to recipes that my whole family loves

So, there you have it! I hope this episode answers your questions and takes the overwhelm out of living a healthy lifestyle! You can do it!

Until next time.

Love you. Mean it.




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Want more resources from the episode?

Here is how I meal prep + stay motivated!

Check out the Simply Keto cookbook I referenced.

Give the Miracle Noodles a try!

The Sweat App + Kevin Klug are my go-to for workouts!

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July 10, 2020

Ep 16 Healthy Living Q+A: Motivation, Meal Prep+Recipes The Whole Family Will Love


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Brittany Macofsky

What are the glass containers you would recommend for keeping lettuce and veggies fresh throughout the week? I feel like my produce always goes bad so quickly.

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