Hey guys!

I’m back with a really fun episode today! You all really, really loved the interior design Insta Live we did with April Tomlin during quarantine! And so today, the queen of interiors is back.

April is the namesake behind April Tomlin Interiors. She’s a friend of mine. She’s a wife and a mom. And, she is a total badass in all things design. If you follow her on Insta, you already know how amazing she is!

She designs for a roster of A-list clientele from the music industry, to the sports industry, and everything in between. She has a distinctive, yet simple style that you will absolutely love!

I’m so excited to bring you today’s conversation, because we are answering all of your burning questions! Today we cover:

  • The rules of rugs: when, where, how to use (you’ll be the queen of rug styling after this episode),
  • Design hacks for small spaces (I see you gals in the city!),
  • Ways to brighten up a dark room and when to use color (No natural light? No problem!),
  • Where to source your favorite items, and
  • All the tips & tricks you need to make your house the relaxed, peaceful homes of your dreams

April is truly redefining Southern design! You asked the questions, we did the answering, and I’m excited for you to give it a listen! Make sure to let me know what you loved the most and what else you want to know! This is definitely not the last of my good friend, April!

Until next time.

Love you, mean it.



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July 20, 2020

Ep 19 April Tomlin: Redecorating? Pro Tips for Any Home, Any Budget


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Terri Wolfner

Where are the tips and answers from April ??


Can you tell me where to find the show note?. Thank you!


Where are the show notes for this podcast? It was so good and I wanted to write some of the things down as I was driving when I listened.


I loooooved the podcast with April. Where can I find the show notes?

Joy Brandon

Where are the show tips (?) listed? That’s such a great idea to have that follow up reference!! Loved this interview! Thank you so much. 🙂

Courtney Bryan

Love this episode. Can you show me where to find the show notes? Thanks

Melanie Rubery

I loved this podcast! So informative. If you have another one, I would like to get her tips on making open concept homes more cozy. We remodeled a few years back and even though I love how open things are…..I do miss some of the walls:)

Reply to  Melanie Rubery

Thank you! Great suggestion! X


Such a great podcast!! Where can I view the show notes?


Where are the show notes?

Kelly Hite

are there show notes from this podcast?

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