Girl – do you ever feel like you have a million and one irons in the fire on any given day?! And if you’re the people pleasing type like me, you can feel guilty for ever saying no or setting a boundary!

If you’re tired of always saying yes and regretting it later on, pull up a seat and tune in, mama, because this episode was made just for YOU!

In this short and punchy chat, I’m breaking down exactly what it means to live out my 2020 motto: If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.

You see, this motto was great in theory, but I decided 2020 was the time to get intentional about living it out. I found myself saying yes to things because I felt so badly saying no and didn’t want to hurt anyone. But in reality, I realized it was my family and me that would end up sacrificing as I pushed through yet another commitment I didn’t really want to say yes to in the first place!

So let this be your reminder today: You are NOT a bad person for saying no and setting a boundary! You are simply positioning yourself to be able to give 100% to the things you say yes to:

Here are a couple questions to keep in mind the next time you’re presented with an opportunity:

  • What would my life look like if I said yes to this commitment?
  • How much time away from my family will this require?
  • Is this something I am *truly* passionate about?

Girl, if you’re ready to lose the guilt and feel excited about things again – let this episode be the reminder and encouragement you need to say no to things that are not in alignment with your values and boundaries so that you don’t have to waste another moment ‘pushing through’ a commitment that your heart is not truly a part of in the first place.

Because your one life is far too important to be filled with things that are not *truly* important to you.

And if you need a daily reminder of this motto – go ahead and get your hands on this best-selling mug. Truly living this motto out has taken time, space, and experience. But seeing a daily reminder to make decisions based out of abundance and not guilt can help get you there just a little bit faster.

Love you. Mean it.




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July 24, 2020

Ep 20: If It’s Not a Hell Yes, It’s a No


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Where can I buy that coffee mug in the picture that says “if it is not a hell yes it’s a no”? Thanks!

Reply to  George

Unfortunately, we do not make those any more 😭

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