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Today’s podcast is all about THE GIRLS. My chickens. I got them late April and let’s just say they have been a hit. Little Instagram STARS! You guys are obsessed with them just as much as I am and I love it. It was my dream to have chickens running around our garden and vegetables like a Hallmark movie and we made it happen. This episode covers your most asked questions like when are they going to lay eggs and do I still eat chicken. I also get into:

  • The scoop on the coop–where to get one and how we maintain the hen house
  • Advice on getting chickens and what breeds are best for your home and personality
  • Chick 411: Their routine, habits and when they are going to lay those darn eggs?

This new adventure had been 1000% worth it. I love these little things. I’m telling you, if you’re thinking about it, follow your chicken dreams today! 

Love you. Mean it.




  • You can find my big chicken blog post with all the info + plus a super cute baby video here.
  • The coop I ordered is from Smuckers Farm in Nolensville, Tennessee. We love it! Delivered completely put together! I had also looked at the beautiful Carolina Coops.
  • We got the chicks in Tennessee from Poultry Hollow Hatchery. We picked two buff Orphington‘s, one jubilee Orpington and one cream Legbar. A perfect team!
  • I also mentioned my garden coach Arianna at Birch Arbor Gardens, check her out!
  • Follow chicken hashtags and accounts on Instagram and look for coop kits on Etsy.


September 11, 2020

Ep 33 Chicken Q&A All About The Girls


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Hi! What is the hemp bedding you used for inside the coop? Thanks!

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