Our chicks arrived last weekend and we’re SO. IN. LOVE. I’m officially the chicken lady now! We’re giving these girls the best care we can as we learn the ropes. So far they are pretty low maintenance past fresh food and water daily. I’ll link some of our supplies + resources below! We’re still working on the names! It’s hard! I promise to keep ya updated as soon as possible. In the meantime, are you ready for this cuteness?? MEET THE GIRLS!




The coop I ordered is from Smuckers Farm in Nolensville Tennessee. It doesn’t arrive for another few weeks, but I’ll be sure to share when it gets here!  This is an image of a similar coop, ours will have a bigger run. Cute, right?!


The girls have been nice and cozy on a heating pad keeps that keeps them warm since they can’t regulate their body temperatures. I just plug it in and put the cardboard box with a little door I cut out of it for them to go in and sleep. I also use this cute little terrarium to take them outside daily. For feeding, I mix medicated and non-medicated feed they were vaccinated from the farm I got them, but you never know exactly what vaccination they got so just to be safe I was told to mix this in with their food for a while they will eat chick starter until they’re 18 weeks old. I also use a 1/2 cap full of apple cider vinegar because I was told to help their digestive system.


We got the chicks in Tennessee from Poultry Hollow Hatchery. We picked two buff Orphington‘s, one jubilee Orpington and one cream Legbar. A perfect team!

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May 8, 2020

The Chicks Are Here!


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Sissy Bynum

I saw your story about your visit to the stone yard. I loved the gravel you selected — can you tell me the name of it again. Thank you so much !!!


Hi, can you link the hemp bedding? I didn’t see it listed. Thank you!

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