Happy Monday everyone, I am back with fellow podcasterMallory Ervin! Mallory Ervin is  Kentucky grown, Nashville living dreamer that had a round about way of arriving her passion. From her time in Miss America to being a three time contestant on a reality show, it all began with her sharing her love of fashion & beauty which quickly transformed into a platform for impact. Today her and I talk about living life to the fullest, taking chances and how we each created our own platform. 



This episode also includes: 

  • Creating a positive and energetic life + finding joy in the smallest things
  • Seeing the world from a new perspective
  • Being present while being a working mom + mom guilt
  • How to actively choose your life 
  • The Enneagram Test 
  • Setting up a routine for a successful day 
  • Not letting the tough moments derail you
  • Taking small steps to make the biggest impact in your life 

November 9, 2020

Ep 46 Mallory Ervin: 3 Tips to Creating a Better Life


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Jessica Peterson

Awesome awesome episode. Both of you are tremendously inspiring. Thank yo for sharing this.

You mentioned about helping a Mom when her kid is having a melt down, which is great, but I also look at when the kids are being well behaved. I compliment that Mom on how well her kids are behaving. Sometimes, Moms just need some acknowledgment when things are going good. It always puts a big smile on her face. Just another way to spread joy in these crazy world we live in.

I LOVE THIS! yes, this is such a good idea

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