Guys! Today on the show we have a Living with Landyn Podcast veteran, Dr Brian Biesman. If you tuned in during Season 1, he was episode 15 and we covered all things botox and filler – we really left no question unanswered! It’s still one of the most-listened to episodes to date! So, it was a no brainer to bring Dr Biesman back on. 

Dr Biesman is the director of his own practice here in Nashville, TN and specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery and minimally invasive techniques like Botox and fillers. He is also a leading expert in laser skin resurfacing and medical grade skin care. 

Don’t you just love him already?

Dr Biesman was recommended to me years ago by Karee Hays and boy am I so glad he was. When it comes to any treatment for me personally, he fully understands my conservative approach and desire to still look like myself. – you know, the just fully rested version!

If you’ve been looking for a resource on aging skin without looking like a mannequin – then ladies, you can’t turn on this episode fast enough.

In this episode I’m asking all the questions you want answers to. We cover:

  • Dr B’s surprising story of how he got into cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery
  • The 3 reasons you would need filler (vs Botox)
  • Brand new things coming to the industry (be the first to know, ladies!)


BUT. All this said, I always want you to remember: YOU get to define what beauty is for yourself and your body. So I don’t at any point, want you to feel as if I’m pushing Botox and filler. I just wanted to share the things that I use and do and answer the questions you guys have for me. Confidence is always the most beautiful thing you can possess.

Thanks for tuning in guys – and let me know what you’re biggest takeaway was from this episode!

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Landyn’s treatment:

  • Botox in the neck (Nefertiti Neck Lift)
  • Botox around the eyes – Name  brand: Botox
  • Filler under the eyes – Name brand: Restylane
  • Filler in the ear lobes (once)
  • Filler in the forehead (small amount – around once a year) – Brand Name: Belotero Balance


Common side effects of Botox and filler?

We’ll focus on common! All these products currently have to be delivered through an injection, so there can be little needle pokes after you get injected. Almost like a small mosquito bite for usually a couple hours after Botox. 

With filler, you may have some slight swelling and maybe a little bit of bruising. Using cold compresses afterwards will help, but usually it’s not a big deal.


For lines in the neck line and wrinkles in the neck would filler or Botox be better?

So sometimes you need both for horizontal lines. We call them necklace lines. Filler is best for those. For the vertical bands that we’re talking about, where when you talk or you stick your chin out, you get these big vertical bands, Botox is going to be better for those.


Is cellulite hereditary and how do we treat it?

Yes, 100%. Estrogen predisposes people to it. It has to do with the way collagen fibers are arranged within the skin. The goal is: how do we address cellulite? There have been so many BS technologies over the years, but cellulite wasn’t studied scientifically until recently. But the new research has really gone a long way. We understand what causes it and how to treat it.

The injectable that just came to the market last month – it breaks down the collagen that’s pulling that skin down around your bottom, causing the dimples. You inject the product and it helps to dissolve that the skin undergoes a remodeling process. So this part of the skin actually gets a little bit thicker. 

Not only do you get improvement of the dimpling, but you do get what we call a global aesthetic improvement to the area. So when you look at before and after pictures, even areas that didn’t get injected actually having improved appearance.

And this is a super important wellness message. Some people feel like they have cellulite because they’re overweight –  and they literally starve themselves to the point where it’s totally unhealthy trying to make this all your life better.

And it’s not about your weight. It’s not your fault. There’s nothing you’ve done to get cellulite. It’s just because you’ve got estrogen and 85 to 90% of your peers who have two X chromosomes have cellulite and it just not your fault and you shouldn’t feel badly about it and you don’t have to like it, but you, but don’t blame yourself because you haven’t done anything.

Qwo is the name of the new product coming to the market.


If you’re beginning your skincare journey at 50, what would make the biggest impact right now?

If I had to pick one product: I’d say sunscreen for prevention and Retin-A or Retinol, depending on what your skin tolerates probably would be my choice. And lots of water!


What age should I start my Botox journey?

There isn’t a hard and fast answer because Botox is now being used for prevention. When it comes to age, here is my wellness message: It’s really important for young women to have a good sense of who they are and what they’re trying to accomplish.  I think it’s important that people who are still trying to figure out who they are and what they’re about, not feel like they have to change their appearance or do something to their appearance to make them attractive because everyone is beautiful.


Best thing to do for drooping eyelids?

There are some non-surgical treatments, but sometimes surgery is just really what you need to do. Sometimes Botox can be used, but if you really have drooping, which also is hereditary, it can be a young person’s thing, be prepared to hear that you might need surgery. 


Is there a way to lessen sunspots? 

The best way to get rid of sunspots honestly, is laser treatment really dark sunspots are actually not very hard to get rid of. We can laser those because lasers look for pigment, they look for color.

And here’s another wellness message:  if your sunspot is changing in size, shape, or color, don’t get that spot lasered. It needs to be biopsied. And we found some melanomas that way. So don’t assume that everything that’s dark as a sunspot, if it’s changing in any way, get it looked at by a doctor.


What can we do about feathering lips?

Those lines can be changed in 2 ways. If you have full lips, the product that does well in forehead, does well in those lines: Filler.

Sometimes botox can work if the lines are only there when you pucker.

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April 19, 2021

Ep. 56 DR BIESMAN: How to Get Botox and Filler AND Still Look Like YOU


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Pamela Panebianco

What can you do for the lines on the sides of your mouth?


Hey Pamela! I believe that you can do botox for that!

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