Okay ladies. This episode is a good one because we are talking all things youthful skin! And how to achieve that right from your own home.

First things first – remember that hilarious Instagram story from a few weeks back – the one where I was sitting on my floor late at night putting on the little magical product called CO2 Lift

If not, definitely go check that out.

But essentially, this CO2 Lift mask is a gel product that gives you a facelift in a packet. No, I’m serious – the results I saw instantly to my skin were incredible.

So after I continued to use it and continued to see amazing results – I just knew I had to have on the creator and founder of this product so I can could ask her ALL. THE. THINGS.

On today’s episode, I have on the beautiful Lana Kerr – owner and founder of the skincare line, Lumisque.

Lumisque + Lana are the creators of the magical CO2 Lift mask: a medical grade brand of cosmeceuticals that utilizes the powerful benefits of Carbon Dioxide to lift, tighten and regenerate the skin. 

Who doesn’t love that?! And without going under the knife or any injections!

You know I’m not one to keep a good thing to herself, so I wanted to share the educational aspect behind this CarboxyTherapy for your skin that is applied through a gel.

So I’m asking YOUR questions. Lana and I cover:

  • What exactly is carboxytherapy?
  • Does it ACTUALLY work + how often should I use it?
  • How do we apply the CO2 Mask gel the RIGHT way?
  • Is it pregnancy safe?
  • How long do the results last?
  • Can this treatment help with stretch marks, cellulite or dark under eyes?

AND COURSE I’M ASKING ABOUT THE CO2 LIFT V. Ladies – your face isn’t the only place the CO2 Lift can help out! Tune in to find out all the things about this – and maybe put in your ear buds if there are little ears around! 

Lana is a wealth of information and I’m so grateful for all of the education she provided on skincare, self care, and self confidence. 

I hope you enjoy this episode as much I enjoyed having it! 

If you’re interested in trying anything from her skincare line, or are ready for a refill, the Lana’s incredible team is offering 15% off with code LANDYN15.

Just apply it at check out, and you’re good to go, ladies!



What is CarboxyTherapy?

Carboxy therapy is introducing carbon dioxide into the skin. Now, why is that important? Because when you introduce carbon dioxide into the skin, your body’s going to respond in different ways. It’s going to respond by one: rushing oxygen to the area that the CO2 is being applied to, to rebalance.

And that’s great because the more oxygen, the more healing, the more regeneration of the tissue. We want that.

We want to keep bringing new, fresh tissue to that area to keep us looking youthful. So that’s really what carboxy therapy is. CO2 lift is just the first gel delivery system of carbon dioxide into the skin


How often can you use it?

Ideally, you want to do a series of at least three, no less than a week apart.

And then once you do that, you can maintain it with either monthly or bi-weekly treatments.


Where can it go when we apply it?

Don’t waste a drop! Place it on very thick all over your face and be sure to include your eye lids, neck, and even the tops of your hands. Leave it on for 45 minutes, then peel it off!


Is there an expiration date on the product?

Nope! Just be sure that once you open it, you use it right away.


Why is it so expensive?

I like to say, expensive compared to what? What are you actually accomplishing with your skin? Let’s talk about some kind of Botox for your forehead and eyes, you’re going to pay anywhere between 300 to $600, right? And that’s going to last you maybe six months. You’re paying for a carboxy gel that’s doing the smoothing.

But I think that what I would say the carboxy is, it’s like taking a boat trip to Japan or taking a jet plane. They will both get you there, but one just gets you there faster. The carboxytherapy is a jet plane in skincare.


Is it pregnancy safe?

Yes, it is.


What exactly does the CO2 Lift V do?

You’re going to make the whole area not only pretty, but more functional. You have women who are under stress – that can affect that area. As we said, after childbirth, it affects this area. If I knew about that after I had children, it would have changed so many of the dynamics in my relationship, because I remember after having children, you don’t really feel to go back to intimacy and that can create problems at that time when you’re tired, how can you re-energize yourself? This is a great way to do it.

It’s about improving your life, improving your intimacy with your partner, your family. That’s what it’s about.

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April 12, 2021

Ep 55. LANA KERR: The Founder of CO2 Lift’s #1 Secret Behind Youthful Skin


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Hi! I am in my early 30s and wondering, does the replace Botox or help enhance?

Reply to  Amy

Hey Amy! It helps enhance – it’s so great!

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