Hey, everyone!

I couldn’t be more excited about introducing you to today’s guest! When I tell you that she is THE guru of all things skin, I mean it! Not only is she beautiful from the inside out, she is such an inspiration, and a great friend!

So… today’s guest is….drum roll please…the amazing, the talented Karee Hays! Karee is the namesake behind Karee Hays Esthetics (a luxury medical skincare center here in Nashville), and the woman who completely changed my skin! She’s worked with some of the top stars here in town (think: Faith Hill, Kristin Cavallari!) and she’s here to fill you in on all the things you NEED to know about your skin.

In today’s episode, you can expect to hear:

  • Karee’s inspiring story of going back to school at 38 for aesthetics,
  • Ways to combat mom-guilt from when it rears its ugly head,
  • The top five must have products for approaching skincare in a non-intimidating way, and
  • The low down on all things needles, dermaplaning and so much more.

Every time Karee and I are together we have a GREAT time, and I’m positive you will have an amazing time with Karee today, too!

And one last, special thing! Karee is so generously offering our podcast listeners 10% off some of my favorite things when you use the code LANDYN10. Check it out here! Woo!!

Until next time…Love you. Mean it.




Items chatted about in the episode! Use the link and code for above for 10% off!

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May 11, 2020

Episode 003: Karee Hays – My Fairy Skin Mother


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Melissa Periandri

Congratulations🎉Loved the podcast …



Clark Lisa

What retinol do you recommend. I use ZO .5

Reply to  Clark Lisa

I actually use the DEJ Night – it has retinol in it and you can use it every night !

Use CODE: NECK for a free travel size of Nectifirm Advanced with a purchase of $100 or more thru 5.14.

Shelley Namtvedt

Love the podcast! Sent a message to Keree about Koji Pads. I live in MN, so I will have to try out the long distance 😉

Francesca Boewe

Loved them all today! Researching my skin care products ASAP!! 🙂


Karee mentioned a vitamin c as one of her must-haves. What do you use for that?

Allison Miller

She mentioned taking a probiotic at night is important. Does she Or you recommend one ? Thank you!

Liz Brock

Loved this episode! I’m in my early 30s and starting to as you say “add big girl” ingredients to my skincare routine. I would love to see a follow up piece on the podcast or blog about how to pick the right skincare. Especially what to splurge on if I have a budget and looking for a mix of high end and drugstore products. MLMs have completely ruined asking friends online for suggestions because we are bombarded with all the usual suspects with no real recommendations.

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