If you’ve been following along, you know how much I love a good graphic tee- and by looking at the picture above, we’re all just juggling life (especially with school + fall sports coming into play) and a good graphic tee makes life just a little bit easier. They are so versatile and you can truly pair them with anything! Wear it with a cute cheetah skirt or even dress it up + make it edgy with a  blazer! (don’t forget to read my blazer round up from this past week!) Some of my favorite places that have the best graphic tees: Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and Revolve!

September 3, 2019



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Hey girl. Do you want to know what NO ONE ever has? A cute graphic T with a v-neck or cut out neck line. So frustrating.

Jennifer Masterson

I would love one in a women’s muscle tee too!

I feel the same way! V-necks tops just look better on me, but are so hard to find!


I really like and would wear the old rock band graphic tees you’ve shown us! And I never wear graphic tees!😳

Heather Wenk

Looking for a Journey one!!

Katie Roberts

Do you cut the neck out of your t shirts? They always look so cute!

Cindy Wienhold

Where did you get your Praise Be sweatshirt you wore in one of your Instagram stories?

On my website. It was from the print bar under the shop tab. We had them on opening day at the store. We are brining back all sorts of new ones too.


I didn’t see anything. ?? When will you be bringing it back?


Yes! I’m wanting one too!!!

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