Girls! New year, new Hey Landyn! Starting today, I’m going to answer some of your questions each week. I’m here for YOU. Ready?

Q: What is the product you use to exfoliate your feet?

A: Oh! You have to get this–Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel. It takes all of the dead skin off and leaves your feet as smooth as a baby’s booty! A few tips: My dermatologist told me that the package directions say leave it on an hour, but leave it on 2-3 hours. The longer you leave it on the better the peeling effect. In 5-7 days, the skin on your feet will slough off like a snake. FREAKY. Get on it now girls, because it’s not pretty during sandal season. Once it starts to peel, soak your feet in warm water 5-10 min nightly to accelerate the process. It’s SOOO satisfying to peel the skin off, just sayin’.

Q: I’m struggling with how to manage my kids and their phones. Help!

A: I know, it’s an uphill battle. Here’s how we handle it. Our kids are not allowed to have their phones in their rooms. They have to plug them in and their computers downstairs. When they come home from school, they have a snack and do their homework and all that jazz. Only after that can they get their phones and the cut off is 8:30 p.m. (Lily is more like 9/9:30 p.m. now that she’s getting older.) But after that it’s like, everyone come downstairs and watch TV as a family. I’ve been trying to apply that rule to my life as well. Plus, that blue light isn’t great before bed! We also use an app called Bark. It picks up on keywords within texts and apps like Snapchat and sends you a warning if anything alarming that may come up (drugs, sex, bullying, etc.) The bottom line with phones is Steve and I pay for the phone, we own the phone. It’s our property and it’s on loan until you get a job and pay for your own. You also have to get good grades and not be a jerk too.

Q: What’s the latest with Janice?

A: If you’re new here and need to catch up, Janice is a wise woman I met in New York and now there’s a song Janice At The Hotel Bar and a video! WHAT?! You can watch my IGTV video here that explains the whole thing. We found Janice! She’s alive and well in New Jersey! My dream and goal is to go to there or have her come to Nashville to have her hear the song performed live. Trying to get this figured out! Maybe even get her on the podcast because we could all use some of that wisdom in our lives. In the meantime, you can follow my @womenlikejanice Instagram account and get your photo reposted on the IG feed. I still love to see all of the tagging and seeing everyone listening to the song. Also, be sure to follow the talented singer/songwriter Hailey Whitters!

Q: Congrats to Steve on his selection to the Football Hall of Fame! What’s happening with that now?

A: First of all, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sending so much love our way. If you haven’t watched my video of THE KNOCK, you can find it here. Steve and I are now in party planning mode and we’ll be heading to Canton, Ohio, on Sunday to do a site visit and meet some of the vendors and look at the venue I rented from afar. Kind of scary, but I’m going with it! We’re figuring out what the theme is going to be, how may people we need to invite. so many details. The induction is almost a week of festivities–the gold jacket dinner, the enshrinement. There’s a Hall of Fame football game; it’s one of the NFL’s pre-season games; there’s a concert and a parade…can you say ALL THE THINGS? So, lots to think about and wrap my brain around. I’m excited to actually be there this weekend and see where it’s going to take place and meet the people I’ll be working with. Listen, if you’re from Ohio or have friends there that own a rental company or could help, please feel free to email me suggestions at THANK YOU!

Q:  I can’t do the Golden Goose trend, but I see so many white sneakers around. What do you suggest?

A: Did you the snakeskin-embossed sneakers in my stories yesterday? They’re from H&M, run true to size, and cost under $30. I’m going to link up a few more fun options below!




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February 25, 2020

Foot Exfoliation + Janice + White Sneakers


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Pamela Rugaard

Tell us about your siblings, how many where they live, are they full or half. Just curious as we never hear about any

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