Y’all, I’m not sure you’re ready for how funny and hilarious this episode is – it’ll have you ROLLING.

I’m bringing on the one and only, hilariously fabulous – Jackie Schimmel. I’m sure you already know Jackie from her Instagram Stories, her popular podcast, or her current stint on Sirius XM, but if not – Jackie is essentially the friend that says what everyone is thinking-  in the most funny and straight forward way.

Today we are talking about Jackie’s journey BEFORE she found success in the media space as well as how to keep perspective on building a digital platform – while of course laughing the entire way through the conversation.

We’re also chatting:

  • Spilling the tea on the amazing Heather McMahan’s wedding (and Jackie’s unwelcomed parting gift)
  • Jackie’s very first designer handbag – and what yours should be, too
  • The rant that Jackie gets the most backlash over
  • Her am+pm skincare routine – including how she tames her rosacea
  • The hilarious, and never before told story, of how she met her now husband, Andrew

Jackie is hilarious, over the top, sarcastic – and as she likes to say: Unhinged. You’ll get a kick out of her marriage advice!

I’ll also want to say before we get started we use some BIG GIRL  language – so if you have little ones around, it’s probably best to put in those AirPods now.

As you listen, you’ll hear Jackie talk about her go-to recipe when I asked her for the HOW TO KEEP YOUR MAN meal. Well, here it is ladies:


  1. Put olive oil in a pan
  2. Add: Shallots, garlic, crushed red pepper until translucent,
  3. Add: Tomato paste (like a whole little can or a squeeze) until browned – It should come out really red till it starts to caramelize.
  4. Hit it with a little vodka
  5. Add a touch of heavy cream to get it nice and orangey,
  6. Add tons of Parmesan cheese
  7. Boil the penne
  8. Add garnish to make it look pretty!
  9. And you are now, Giada


And remember her first purse purchase she mentioned? Here it is in all its glory:


And the rosacea cream I couldn’t remember during the conversation? Here you go!


Jackie is hilarious and sarcastic and boundary pushing -nothing is off limits, I mean nothing – and we love her for it. 

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August 15, 2022

Jackie Schimmel: UNHINGED


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