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Guest Post Allllllert! Hey ! It’s Anne Claire, If you don’t know who I am, that’s totally ok (I’m a behind the scene’s girl)- I am right hand (personal assistant) to Landyn, and writing is definitely not my forte, so please don’t come for me. 

Back story, Landyn and I met almost 2 years ago at her first ever Hey Landyn Live show. I filmed her recap video and honestly it was love at first sight. The week after, she cold called me and asked me to work for her. I was SOLD. It’s been a ride ever since, lots of laughs. 


Landyn is seriously the best boss ever.  I could probably write a million blog posts about her kindness, selflessness and compassion. You girls inspire her everyday. She truly loves what she does and helping other women. The way that she has touched my life is incomparable. The way she values and takes care of me and her loyalty is undeniable. 

And that’s exactly the reason I wanted to surprise her with a birthday party. It was a no brainer. As soon as I came up with the idea, I texted Steve to insure that the party wouldn’t interfere with any plans and he was all on board to help keep the surprise secret. Steve was the best and so hand on during this. (Ladies, honestly he’s like a big teddy bear)

There’s just something about Landyn, you ladies know that. She is genuine in every single thing she does. That’s why it was 0 surprise to me that all her friends jumped with a big yes at the chance to surprise and celebrate her.

Getting Landyn to the party. The event space, Versed, was directly behind Alexis + Bolt (a clothing boutique in Nashville). The plan was to have Steve say they were going to a birthday dinner at 7:00 pm in Germantown but that Lily (oh yes, Lily was all in on it too) needed to stop by Alexis + Bolt before to get a shirt she put on hold. Landyn has always talked about going into Alexis + Bolt, so I knew there wouldn’t be an issue getting her in there. Once she got into A+B, Kate (the owner) was going to show her around and then tell her about her new event space and show her! That’s where we would all be hiding- SURPRISE.

The day of Landyn’s birthday was great! I saw her in the morning, told her my dad was flying into town for his birthday (they share a birthday) and I was going to dinner with my family. Needed to throw her off, can you imagine trying to surprise her? HA! I even called her in the afternoon and apologized for her present not being in on time. At this point, I figured Landyn had 0 clue.

Everyone arrived to the party seamlessly and we all awaited for Landyn and her family to arrive. The drinks started to be poured and cheese boards were passed. I was in constant communication with Lily + Steve on their where abouts, so we could be quiet when they arrived.

Once they arrived, the surprise plan was effortless, and Landyn was shocked!

The night started off with a cocktail hour and then lead into a seated dinner. The girls ate, drank and didn’t stop laughing. Landyn truly has the greatest friends, women who are creative and intuitive. Women who are smart and vulnerable. I stood there in awe of these women coming together, from different walks of life for one common cause, to celebrate her. These women lifted each other up, shared stories and just talked truth. It really was something awesome to witness.

Landyn, this party was just the tip of the iceberg of how I can show you how much you mean to me. If I could throw you a surprise birthday party everyday, I would. Thank you for being consistent. Thank you for challenging me. Thank you for being vulnerable. Thank you for always laughing. I wouldn’t want to be anyone else’s person. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Living With Landyn, but I can tell you- it’s going to be hella big. Hold on ladies, this is just the beginning for Landyn.



Theme: Fiesta Landyn (neutral of course)

Space+ Rentals:

I knew that I wanted this to be a dinner party, no detail missed. I called my friend Kate who owns Alexis + Bolt because I knew she was opening up a new event space in Nashville called Versed. She was all hands on deck and really helped me with executing vendors. Versed was PERFECT. When creating the guest list, we knew we wanted it to be intimate.

Mayker, nailed the rentals. I first met them at Versed for a walk through and they genuinely clung to the idea and brought the vision to life. Everything from the place settings to the tables, couches and chairs- they did not disappoint  and truly made the party what it was.


First off, what’s a fiesta without a margarita? We used WithCo Cocktails, a fresh ingredient drink mixer for all the margs. They were so good, you really couldn’t have just one.

Holly from Golden Roots provided the MOST delicious food. I mean seriously, the menu was to die for:

Shrimp Ceviche
Tequila Lime Chicken Tacos
Charred cauliflower, shishito peppers
Crostini: peach prosciutto and goat cheese
And let me tell you, I am still dreaming about the charred cauliflower +shishito peppers.

Copper Whisk + ellenjay created the most beautiful desserts that did not go to waste.


Flowers really make or break an event. FLWR of Nashville pulled out all the stops for the surprise party. Again, Quinn + Alex truly brought the Fiesta Landyn vision to life. The detail was incredible and their arrangements were really a statement. They really never do wrong.


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July 16, 2019



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So first of all, I disagree with you! You are most definitely a writer!! What a beautiful night you planned! Your heart for her shines through. You kind of did this for all of us too!!😁❤️

Rebecca Smolik

Just simply love everything about this! You two are a dynamic duo and blessed to have found one another!


What a wonderful party! Where is Landyn’s jumpsuit from? LOVE it. NEED it.


Just beautiful ❤️

Susan Center

Beautiful job, Anne Claire! Looks like a perfect celebration of Landyn!


Anne Claire you are a dream. I second everything you said about our sweet Landyn. I wish allllll her followers could know personally just how giving, real and funny she is. Thanks for having us, we had such a ball.

madison wright

I love this theme!!
Do we know where the numbers came from on top of the cake? looking for my mothers cake for her 60th birthday! THANK YOU!!

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