Alright guys – I’m wrapping up with Part 2 of my family trip to Kenya + Tanzania with this episode.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Part 1 yet, go ahead and hop back into that HERE. It will give you the full back story of how my family and I began to plan this 17 day trip to Africa – and a bit of background on the different locations where we stayed.

I’m continuing with the details of this trip on today’s episode, but I’m getting a little more emotional with Part 2. So if you can, I’d suggest you go grab the tissues now.

This trip was in honor of many celebrations: Lily’s graduation, Steve being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as our 20 year wedding anniversary. But as you tune in, you’ll hear why this ALSO turned out to be a special trip for my son, Luke.

If you liked Part 1, I think you’ll be extra excited about Part 2.

I’m covering my favorite stories in this episode, like:

  • The rare animal sighting we experienced that our guide, Tim, just LOVES
  • The beautifully brilliant ceremony with an African tribe in honor of Lily’s next phase of life
  • The unexpected gift our guide, Tim, gave to our son that I will always be indebted to him for
  • Why a wildebeest on the tarmac changed our lives
  • My absolute biggest takeaways from this life changing trip


Thank you for allowing me to share in this beautiful journey with you. Processing through the emotions of this trip has been such a gift and I am so grateful you’re here in this community.

Now give this episode a listen.



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August 8, 2022

Let’s Go to Africa! All the Details of Our Trip to Kenya + Tanzania – Part 2


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Tami Cahill

Oh gosh! as you were crying it got me crying and dying to do this trip with my fam too. I’d love the details of the company you went with. They sound incredible and exactly what I’d want for this bucket list trip. Thank you for so beautifully sharing the sweet, tender and precious moments that came to life through your voice on your podcast. I was soaking up every word in my morning walk with my dogs. Can’t wait to meet Tim and the rest of the amazing people who made your trip 5⭐️

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