Hey guys!
It’s Lily again and I’m back with my makeup, night, and morning routines. My mom taught me to take care of my skin, and even though it sometimes can get annoying, I’m really glad she gets on me for it. Anyways, here’s the products that seem to work very well with my skin, and I thought that I’d share them with you!



  1. Apply Bobbi Brown foundation stick in your shade all over face, for me – light sand.
  2. Go in with Tarte creaseless concealer and apply to dark areas ex. under eyes, pimples, blotchiness. I use the shade light sand.
  3. Put on bobbi brown illuminating powder all over face with brush.
  4. Take the cocoa contour kit from Too Faced and go in with medium cocoa contour cheeks, jaw line, nose
    go in with pop of light from the same kit and highlight cheekbones, nose, and right above your lip.
  5. Apply a light mist of Mario Badescu’s Rose Water makeup mist all over face.
  6. Put on the shade skimp from the NAKED 2 Urban Decay basics palette.
  7. Next, take the shade sand from the Tarte Clay Play Volume II palette, and put on the inner corner and middle of your lid.
  8. Go in with instinct from the same palette and blend the previous eyeshadow with the outer corners to create a blended look.
  9. Apply the shimmer shade smoke from that palette and brush a small amount on your eyelid.
  10. Next, take Tarte’s light camera lashes mascara and apply to eyelashes.
  11. Next take Bobbi Browns lip tint in the shade bare pink and apply to lips.
  12. Last But certainly not least, take Glow Recipe’s watermelon glow ultra-fine mist and spray all over to set makeup. This product is amazing for maintaining a glow throughout the day, and also keeping that makeup on for the day.



First I wash my face with Revision skincare’s papaya enzyme cleaner. This is an AMAZING face wash for sensitive skin or people who are new to this skincare line. It focuses on leaving the skin glowing and deeply cleaning all pores.
Second, I apply moisturizer from Cetaphil all over my face. I love this moisturizer because it leaves your skin not feeling oily or heavy at all. It’s very light and soaks in fairly quickly. Next I spray Mario Badescu’s aloe vera and cucumber spray all over my face every morning. This leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean. If I wear makeup, it comes after I get my coffee. I don’t on most school days, I save it for dinners out and events, but I do like messing around with just for fun.



First, I take off any makeup that I had on from the day if I did wear some with a Pond’s makeup removing wipes from the drugstore, but they work just as well as anything bought at Sephora. Next, I wash my face with my revision skincare face wash, the papaya enzyme cleaner. After I wash my face, I take one Koji pad from Karee Hays skin care line and wipe it all over my face to get the remaining dirt and oil off my face. I LOVE these cleansing pads because I can clearly see a difference in my skin ever since I started using these every night.Thanks mom!

I then take my Cetaphil moisturizer and apply it all over my face to nourish any dry skin on my face. Next, I will take my Acne Gel from Karee and spot treat this on any pimples I have on my face currently. This stuff works miracles you guys, seriously. I love it. After I spot treat, I will take my Mario Badescu’s Lavender Spray and mist this all over my face to set all of my work. This spray is also very calming so it helps me fall asleep, not even kidding. It’s awesome.

Out of the two products I use on occasion, I use them once or twice a week, depending on the condition of my skin.
The first product that I will occasionally use is Black Mask from Revision. This mask is amazing it deeply cleanses pores, and doesn’t leave a sticky residue that some other masks might leave. I would totally recommend this one to anyone dealing with acne issues or just looking for a nice black mask to detox your skin.

The second product that I will occasionally use is a Lapcos Charcoal Bubble Mask that peels off after you are done with it. I think this product is really cool because after you use it, you can see everything that was on your skin come off.  Cool and gross all at the same time. I don’t know if you guys like that stuff or it grosses you out, but I love it. LOL. This mask is fun to use and I bought it at Altar’d State in the mall.  It was $15 dollars, not bad for all the work it does.





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June 18, 2019

Lily’s Makeup Routine


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Love this too, lily! Great info on your steps & on all the products!

Rachael Simmons

Thank you, sweet Lilly, for all the wonderful suggestions.

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