Nashville based Caroline Hobby began her career in the Country Music Trio Stealing Angels in 2007.  During that time she collaborated and built relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry.  After scoring 2 Top 50 Country Radio Singles, Stealing Angels fell apart. Right when Caroline thought her world was over, she was asked to participate on CBS’s Emmy winning  Reality Show “The Amazing Race,” Season 22.  Through all of her experiences, Caroline grew a deep love for people, finding purpose, and sharing stories of dreams, trials and triumph. 

Since Caroline founded GET REAL PODCAST in 2015, she has been named iTunes Top 200 Podcasts and I recently joined her for an episode where sh*t got REAL. I loved being apart of it! You can listen here.

What have you been up to during this time? 

We’re out in Texas right now and I’m with my sister and family! We’re quarentining together at our parents place. It’s been fun! It’s a really great opportunity, we knew that it would be a chance of a lifetime to live together. It’s so great to be together as a family. We’ve been trying to make the most out of this situation. My older sister has a 9 year old daughter, and she’s been like a big sister to Sunny, it’s so sweet to see. 

In the beginning we were watching the new 24/7 and trying to understand all of it. How is this happening? And that created a lot of fear for me, it fostered a ton of anxiety. In this new normal, we’ve been trying to enjoy ourselves. 

How is the GET REAL Podcast going?! Any special guests coming up soon? 

Man, I’m so glad my sister is on here with me – she has been my ultimate inspiration in this life. She’s the capable awesome badass sister. I was always the one who was a little lost or blurred between the lines in sense. When I was transitioning out of music I didn’t know what to do – she really encouraged me to start something. So I started the podcast, with people I knew in the music industry. 

My first interview ever was with Darius Rucker, and he was so nice, gave me 30 minutes of his time – it was incredible. People are really great in the country music industry, so kind. This year I partnered with Bobby Bones + iHeart Radio, and he really helped me with putting the focus on women. These wives, people who are making a difference in our community. Now, we have all these ways we can talk to people and I really wanted to focus on telling the stories of these wives. I’ve interviewed Cassie Kelley, Brittany Aldean, Carly Pearce, Hayley Hubbard and the list goes on. 

My sister will be coming on soon and I just recorded with my mom – It was amazing. We got to have a real life conversation, it was such great experience. 

How is it being a new mom? 

I think the music industry and being on the amazing race really helped me train to be a mom. At the beginning I really struggled with anxiety and wondering if was I was doing all the right things? I was also really scared that something would happen to Sunny, I really struggled with the anxiety of it. But I just have to remind myself that I am doing my best for her everyday. Take everyday as it is. I enjoy every moment with her and I am so blessed to have her. 

OK – How did I not know you were on the Anazig Race – TWICE 

So I did the race with Jennifer Wayne (Runaway June), our band had just fallen apart – I was probably 28 when I first went on. Jen and I were like what are we going to do with our lives?! Our agent called us and said the Amazing Race was looking for 2 country singers and we said YES. We hadn’t watched the show either – so we had no idea the actual nuts and bolt of the show. It was so fun! We got 4th place the first time and then we were asked to be on Amazing Race All Stars, and we got second. Jen and I were so kind to each other, we both committed to be kind to each other and we stuck with it, we forgave each other, we laughed, it was so so good. We were the only female team. 

It’s so family friendly, your family would love it! It’s amazing because they literally throw you into these different cultures and I learned to much – and you watch people navigate through these different cultures. 

The one that knocked me to my knees – we were in Scotland and I got a challenge were I had to put on a full kilt, go into a back room with a professional bag piper. He took me back and I had to learn how to play a note and hold it. I had to hold it for four minutes and walk around a balcony, and you had to finish walking around the balcony before the note finishes playing. It was so incredibly hard. I did it probably a 100 times before I finished it. 

OKAY – What is your most favorite meal to cook at home right now or your favorite place to snag take out?

First off, I do not. Unfortunately, I am a terrible cook and I used to be self conscious about it. Michael loves to cook, so it’s so great! Now that we are quarantine, my sister has been killing it in the kitchen. It’s been fun to cook out of the pantry – we had tacos last night, we loved grilled okra and vegetables.

some of my favorite quotes from the live

I am choosing to see the positive in this situation

we’re all just trying to enjoy the pause

everyday is kind of like groundhog day

we’re all women, wives and mothers- we’re all just real women with real issues

our kids are watching us respond right now and this is such a good opportunity to show them what needs to happen

I have the choice to focus where I want to focus

this is a wonderful time for life lessons

when we think back on this time “what are your kids going to say?”

you get to choose how you respond

if I know I’m doing my best, it’ll make me feel better

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March 31, 2020



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