Oh girls – HEATHER MCMAHAN is the funniest damn comedian ever (seriously, she’ll make you pee your pants)  and I am so grateful that we connected over a year ago and now we are real.life.friends.  We talked about our nails and how we prepared for quarantine- the hair, the lashes, the nails. Whew. We also chatted about her tour, what’s going on with her and Jeff’s wedding and how she’s social distancing from Robin !


We also talked about these poop pills – yes you read that right. They’re the best.ever. and honestly, now is the time to try them – in the comfort of your own home 😉



How’s ATL? I see that you’re staying with your godmother? Is that until you’ve been quarantined for 14 days?

We came down to ATL from NYC to escape the city, I’ve been staying 3 doors down from my godmother. My sister is here too with my nephew, Bronson (the most amazing French bull dog).  Definitely keeping social distancing from Robin of course. Trust me, I have allergies but I’ve been taking my temperature everyday and so far so good, but I cough once and then I spend half of my day is thinking I have corona. But honestly, I’m just trying to find a good lash serum – ya know? It’s a catch 22 – Do you wanna have bald lashes or do you take the risk with an allergic reaction and have a red eye? 

What are you doing to fill your days right now? What are you watching on Netflix, HULU, etc.

Well, we cleaned out the garage and just getting shit done that needs to be done. As for shows, Tiger King is EVERYTHING. It has tigers, murder, baby tigers, murder for higher- It’s just rednecks doing what they do best – a lot of meth and a lot of mountain dew My new favorite show is called Catastrophe on Amazon, it’s a feel good comedy and I’m obsessed. Also, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is my GO TO, it’s so so good. Curb Your Enthusiasm is also a great one. 

Any inspiration come out of this quarantine?

I have a new character from Tampa, Michelle who is a crazy She knows what’s really going on with this corona, a true conspiracy theorist. She spends hours on conspiracy websites. 

What’s your favorite character? 

The one that makes me laugh the most is Margie, she works at Costco. I’ll post some videos soon! 

How’s the podcast going?

Great! Don’t stress, I have new episodes weekly and a new episode should be coming out today! 

What about your tour?

We were supposed to be coming to Nashville April 15, but we actually just rescheduled for Sept. 2nd! We did have to post pone dates, but don’t worry I’m ready! If anyone had tickets for April or May, we have pushed them back to June  + July ! You should have gotten a notification.  

How did you and Jeff meet?

We met from my best friend Christina who is from NY and they were good friends, then the rest is history.  We’ve been together for 10 years, we’re in it. 

What is your most favorite meal to cook at home right now or your favorite place to snag take out?

I am very lucky, my mother and godmother are gourmet chefs, and my godmother has an awesome butcher so I’ve been eating a lot of Kielbasa sausage. We’ve had so much pork, its insane. My fav quarantine snack (savory of course) – is palmetto cheese (costco brand) with everything bagel crackers from Trader Joes- YUM.

How’s Robin?

I told her to cool it on the lives, we’re in a wild time right now. She’s painting a ton and staying busy. She tried to go to Whole Foods the other day and I said absolutely not. 


Favorite Quotes

these lashes, I wouldn’t have to even get on Delta I could have taken my own flight with these bad boy

I’ve had rations for years, I eat mostly pork

If we can’t get married in Italy in September then we’ll get married in the budger king parking lot

I think I’m going to let Steve do my make up start to finish

I think Jeff would do a great job with my make up

The Men Makeup Challenge

every basic bitch take down your gather sign in your house right now

this is all bringing people together

we all gotta slow down, and we all gotta check in on each other

I love to be apart of an HOA so I can stir the pot and start a little bit of drama

I’m gonna come out of this 700 lbs heavier

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March 25, 2020

Live With Landyn: Heather McMahan


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