Brian Barry is a Music City native and publisher of the city magazine, Nashville Lifestyles. He knows where to go, what to eat and who you should know, follow along on his podcast, Nashville Lifestyles, the podcast. You may also know him as my fabulous co-host for my annual Favorite Things Show! Brian was born and raised in Nashville, so he’s what we like to call a unicorn (because it seems like no one is from Nashville anymore )We talked all things Nashville and how we can support out community during this tine. He also about his freakout moment, when he realized we all had to snag groceries – and let’s just say The Cheesecake Factory came to the rescue. Brian shared his full circle moment with his Nashville Lifestyle’s career, and what we want to plan for this years Favorite Things Show.


VOXER: We also talked about this app you’ve GOT TO GET. It’s pretty much a walkie talkie – its so fun.


What is up in your neck of the woods? What is something you are doing to fill your time?

We’ve [Nashville Lifestyles] been actually super busy – it’s awesome. We’ve been keeping up with everything Nashville on our website – whether it’s doing workout classes or yoga classes online. If you’re in Nashville, make sure you’re following along to learn about what’s happening in Nashville now. Where to take online classes or the best place to order a take out marg – yes that’s a real thing. 

How is the Nashville Lifestyle podcast going?! Who is one of your favorite guests you have had on so far?

I love it, I think I love it more than anything else we’ve done. We’ve been so lucky and able to tell so many amazing stories. I loved having Bobby Bones on, he is so smart and I really enjoyed having him tell his story.

Listen to Brian + I’s podcast episode here. Listen to all of Nashville Lifestyle’s episode here. Happy listening !

How did you get into the magazine world?

I was 15 years old, my parents said if you want a car, you’ll have to work to buy one. At that point, I was doing anything and everything to make money. One day, I would leave school during lunchtime and I always passed this guy and I noticed that he had the nicest cars (So one day I went up and asked him what he did for a living – he said he owned real estate and owned a magazine. Well, that same day, I cold called him and asked him how I could work for him, because I wanted a nice car (my dream car: BMW) This guy heard me out and we negotiated a deal, where I could work for him to afford my first car – don’t worry it wasn’t a BMW, my parents didn’t approve of that. From there in college I started selling ads for the magazine and when I graduated, I was Nashville Lifestyles first employee – a complete full circle moment. 

What is your dream for this year’s Favorite Things Show?

Last year was so much fun! Landyn was on the Nashville Lifestyle’s  cover with the sweetest little puppies from Retrieving Independence: Golden Retrievers – ugh they were so cute. The show was amazing, we raised $110,000 for Make A Wish – I can’t wait for this years show. I would love to get more people involved in the show this year, I loved having Nicolle Galyon + Hailey Whitters last year – it was AMAZING! 

What are you most excited about coming up for Nashville Lifestyles?

Well, we’ve had to move a bunch of things coming in the next few moths. We’re starting a new project – a special edition, to share the stories with everything that has happened with the recent tornados and now the coronavirus. We’ll share more later. 

What is your most favorite meal to cook at home right now or your favorite place to snag take out? 

Cook?! I don’t know how to cook! Hahaha I’ve been ordering take out pretty much everyday. I lightly re-did my kitchen a bit ago, but my point is I don’t cook – So when I went to bake my break + bake cookie dough, the papers were still in the oven (from when I first purchased it) – so if that tells you anything. Here are my favorite takeout places: Superica, Rosepepper, + J Alexander (my favorite are the best chicken tenders) Desserts: Fox’s Donut Den, Tiff Treats, + Crumbl ALSO – You can go to the national bartenders guild – and tip your bartender! It’s important to not forget them either.


what Brian has been up to:

baking all the cookies (good ole toll house break + bake – YUM)

he bought a peloton and is obsessedddddd (peloton name: brianbarry)

he did his first yoga class

adding his all his friends birthday’s in his phone

finding an old album + listening to it through one time

listening to the podcast: Monica Loves Boys

a few of my favorite quotes from the live:

everything is on pause, we’re all in the same boat

I’m a big believer in being still and the answer will come

I believe it’s a choice in life to be positive

I’m really soaking in this pause

I think we’ll get a lot of make ups this year

I haven’t stopped eating and I haven’t worn pants in a week

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March 24, 2020

Live With Landyn: Brian Barry


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