Meet my dear friend, Mallory Ervin! She’s a youtuber, lifestyle expert, podcaster and she’s in the process of writing a book! She is a former Miss Kentucky and also raced on the Amazing Race with her dad for 2 seasons – WHAT. Her and her husband Kyle have been married for 3 years and they have the cutest sons, Ford who is almost 2 and Shepherd who is 6 months. A few months ago, I joined her on her podcast, and we talked about all the things – listen here. She even shared her trick on how to touch up your routes – with makeup, YES.


What have you been up to during this time? 

What’s good about our business, we’ve been able to work from home. With the climate of everything, much like you,  I stopped doing brand deals – but I really dove into my podcast and my book. It’s funny how this time has taught me the things I love the most and what I don’t enjoy. 

The things that I have enjoyed the most, of course being with our family the time. I love to cook and this time have been amazing. I am now able to cook 3 meals a day – it’s amazing. And the Home Edit did a few of my rooms in my house and I now have time to straighten up and give those rooms a refresh again. It’s nice to focus on skincare and give your skin a break as well. I saw that you have Karee on and that was amazing. 

Being in this space, being called an influencer – as a person who can influence someones life for the better. I strive to bring better and wellness content to help people live a better life. Living Fully feels right and feels good and I love helping other people. 

What’s it like being a mom right now with two little ones?

You know when it first started we didn’t realize it would be an extended period of time – In the beginning we played outside, gardened together. Now, we’re two weeks in so we’re having to find new activities outside of the house (away from people of course) – we go for drives, go to see the ducks at a pond down the street, you know just making every single thing an activity.

Shepherd my youngest is almost 7 months – where did that time go? Ford will be 2 in a few days. 

Tell us about your dad !

My dad, whew. When he turned 60, he decided that he was going to try and summit all 7 summits of the world. He’s a mountain climber, I’ve had him on the podcast. He’s had 8 blood transfusions. This is his hobby and he loves to do it. He’s got one more to summit – Denali, it’s the last one. It’s awesome to see him achieve so many great things!

How is the Living Fully podcast going?

It’s really cool when you have a podcast and you get to have a conversation with amazing people. I recently had on Katherine Schwarzenegger and it was amazing. My episode with Jen Hatmacker comes out next week and whew, she is my idol. I adore her. Miles Adcox was amazing to have on, he’s in the emotional space. (He created Onsite, it’s an intensive therapy site in TN).

What’s on your list to do? 

A book tour for sure, and always in the back of my mind I’ve wanted to do a speaking circuit. We’re going to start a speaking tour, I just re-did my website. This book will definitely take a lot out of me, through the summer I’ll be focused on that, podcast, website and planning the speaking tour for next year. It’s such an honor to be in the space, and I want to give everyone everything. I also want to start a garden! I love to garden and now I am just trying to figure out the logistics. 

Favorite quarantine snack?

I’ve really gotten into iced coffee and it’s perfect since I’m a mom with two boys, my coffee tends to get cold.


What’s on Mallory’s Nails

some of my favorite quotes from the live

enjoying the pause

There are a lot of people where this quarantine is so tough, and I am trying to look at the positive things – when will we ever get a time like this? It’s hard for us to slow down sometimes. 

during this quarantine, it’s really hard to not do things – it’s really hard to turn it off

what a fresh start we’ll all have after this

the fact that we can connect to people through our phones during this time is amazing

people rally behind things that are good 

we’re just two women trying to do the best we can 

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April 7, 2020



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