If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know my love for Karee Hays – she’s my fairy skin mother. Seriously. I met her a couple of years ago when Steve gave me a her famous Glow Facial for Christmas and I haven’t looked back since. We decided that it would be fun to “get together” to tonight, shave our face (yes you read that right) and do a little nightly skincare routine! Her products will seriously change how you treat your skin – it’s like she’s a magician. Plus, don’t get me started on her koji pads, my skin has never looked better.

PLUS, she’s giving you all an exclusive 24 HOUR only code for 15% OFF. YES GIRL. Run don’t walk. USE CODE: LANDYN15

Also, here is the head band I am wearing, and the robe is actually Love Stitch and from a few years ago, BUT I love this H+M and this one from Target.


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The first thing we did was wash our face, we started with the Hyrda Cleanser,  we put a lot of things that have oil on our skin. Karee’s first step is always a pre cleansing wash. Pre Cleanse is the first step to cleansing, we need to pre cleanse to break down everything and our normal cleanser won’t do that. Put it on your skin as it and have at it. She is also a big fan of a double cleanse.

You know when you shave your legs and you exfoliate first? That’s exactly what you want to do with your face, exfoliate so you can get a closer shave. We started with this to exfoliate and sometimes, Karee will add a little revision black mask to this step as well. Then we were ready to take the shave!



How often?

2 -3 times a week

Will you grow a beard?


First we mist. This spring water is better because it’s calming and one of the few that balance the PH. We’ll start with a foam cleanser to lather our face up. Rarely do you see him with fine vertical lines, and it’s because they shave their face everyday. We start at the top of our cheek bone and just really go at it – BUT BE CAREFUL. Watch your brows, watch your hair line. The truth about the razor, use a separate razor – and we love a mens razor, but stay away from the ones with a moisturizing strip because they breathe bacteria. Finish with a thick layer of the Avene Spray water.

The benefits: your products will go on better, you’re reduce fine lines, you exfoliate,



How often?

Once a week

Now is the perfect time to do an chemical peel. We’re starting with the Sheer Shine peel. Karee believes in giving people the tools they need to succeed at home. With this peel, start at the top of you forehead and work you way down. Be very careful around your eyes but also make sure you get right under. We typically do this once a week. Go all down your decollate and then down your back. Now, we put the peel on. After you put it everywhere, I take my hands and start rubbing it in everywhere. Sheer Shine is a lighter peel. We let it sit for 3 -5 minutes and now we spray again with our Avene Water  and now we use our Retexurizing Pads to wipe away.

(secret tip, the Revision Vitamin K will help with bruising)



So, we start with 3 pumps of peptide gel mixed with the black mask. If you think about this, when you add peptide with water, the thinner it is – the deeper it can get. The skin is like a sponge, it can only absorb so much at a time. This is the best black mask, really for anyone- even your teenagers! Let’s mist one more time, grab your sponge and let’s get that sucker off. Then, yep you guessed it mist.



We started with the DEJ Eye cream and then we head right to the NECK – yes, you can’t forget that! Nectifirm is where it’s at (Revision Spend $115, get a Free Youthful Lip Replenisher and empty Living with Landyn Signature Bag – Valid 1/23-3/28 CODE: LIPS) Then we use the DEJ Night and amp it UP (since we don’t have anyone to see) – rub it all in and then, yes that’s right – mist it up. Now, everyone google lymphatic drainage, so we can drain all the puffiness from our face. I got my tool from SKN Nashville. Then I add a sleeping lip mask and it’s amazing. Then Karee adds lanolin under her eyes, yes seriously- she has all the secrets.


A few of Karee’s Favorite Things

Sani Wipes (hospital grade wipes)

Pink Gloves


Hyrda Cleanser

Pre-Cleanse Wash

Revision Black Mask 

Gentle Round Cleansing Sponge

Avene Spray Water

Sheer Shine Pads

Sheer Peptide Gel

DEJ Face Cream

DEJ Eye Cream 

Laneige Sleep Mask

Oxy Powder Pills (poop pills)

Bodi Firm 


Mens Razor

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April 2, 2020

Live With Landyn: Karee Hays


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I missed it! Darnit. Do you shave with the foam cleanser? Why did i think it was a dry shave? Help!


So obviously there is a well- organized system to this level- but budget wise – which ONE thing would or could I start with first that would allow me to start seeing results as I then build my collection… because I want it all, but the money tree just laughed at me! 🤣

Katie Thompson

Can prescription retinol be used after this shaving, peel and mask? Normally use it nightly and then DEJ eye and moisturizer


Can you post the video of you and Ms. Hayes? I can’t seem to find it and would love to know the secrets. Thanks


Hi Landyn~Did Karee get back to you on the sponges she used to take everything off? Rather than using a towel?

Susanne Buchberger

Thank you for breaking this down, having the video and for the discount codes! I’ve been searching for more about how the Poop pills work and how many times you take it but could not find it on the blog or highlights. Q1: If I recall correctly, you take 4 pills EVERY day? Q2: Also doesn’t thing prevent you from working out in the morning or the day. I am afraid if I go for a 2 hour walk my body is going to want to poop and then what do I do? I will see how the day goes.… Read more »

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