Maggie Tucker is the owner of Magpies Nashville + Magpies Girls and if you have kids at all – you have to check out her store. It is AMAZING. Seriously, she has so many fun and cute things for kids. I love who she is as a person and what she represents as a business, she has been truly inspiring to me as I opened my first brick and mortar store! Get your kids a happy from Magpies! We talked about what it’s like running a retail business, our friendship and where we see 2020 going! We also talked about this awesome OZONE machine I purchased on Amazon.


What have you been up to during this time? 

Will, my husband is precious and amazing, and I am learning all new ways to love him and face these challenges with him. Everything hit really hard and really fast and I know what I’m good at and I’m trying to figure out everything from government websites and papers, etc. There are seasons where we need to suck it up and be strong and there are days we are allowed to feel sorry for ourselves and cry and let it out.  

What inspired you to start Magpies?

I have 3 stores currently, 2 of them are for girls 6 – 14. About 6 years ago I was working at Lululemon and my mentor encouraged me to write a business plan and I created my first store Magpies, I wanted to create a business that I wanted to go to everyday and work everyday. Then, so many girls were growing out of our current store and then I started Magpies girls and created a space for girls up to 14. 

When we first opened, one whole wall was gently loved super high end boutique brand children’s clothing. I did that because I met with so many moms and they asked for a place to sell and buy gently loved clothing. It was really awesome and created a constant and every changing flow.  We also do gift registry, whether you’re having a baby or you have a pre-teen girl that has a birthday coming up. 

What’s happening with your store right now?

I am learning a lot, everyday. This is a season where I am looking for so much grace and so many opprotunitiew to learn. I know I have to do what it takes for my business to get through this time. Everyone needs to do and fight for what’s going on with them. Whoever you are you, you’re going to need grace and forgiveness from one another during this time. 

Okay, so you went vegan over a year ago – what’s that like? 

Last February I went plant based, my friend Kayla owns CYL and she told me about this book called: How Not to Die and it was all about age prevention. I wanted to really learn how to nourish my body with food. I’ve been doing it for a year and it’s been amazing. My husband now jumped on the train too. My number one difference is I have not been sick, even small tummy aches or runny noses. Overall a great sense of wellness. My skin hasn’t stopped glowing – it’s insane. All I use is the intellishade from Revision that you gave me, it’s insane. (Revision Spend $115, get a Free Youthful Lip Replenisher and empty Living with Landyn Signature Bag – Valid 1/23-3/28 CODE: LIPS)

It really took two weeks max for me to feel a shift in my body – its amazing. You can eat so much food. 

My favorite meal: My shelled edamame, pop a bag of whole grain rice, chop up some tofu, toss it in a little Asian spice from Trader Joes, then I will usually toss in a bag of greens in the skillet, coconut aminos, maybe some chili sauce and avocado- and there you have it. 

How are you taking care of yourself?

In this season I haven’t had a ton of down town because I’m trying to figure out how to keep our business going. Magpies has been the ultimate focus. But I did this past weekend, I was able to help my friend Lauren with her educational work book – ebook that she’s writing and that was self care for me, working on that workbook.  Self care looks different for everyone and I have now carved out a little bit of time each day to work on myself. The work book- @designedconsulting Personal Vision Values Behaviors Workbook


Some of My Favorite Quotes

There are seasons where we need to suck it up and be strong and there are days we are allowed to feel sorry for ourselves and cry and let it out.

I don’t necessarily care how people think about me, but I want to be well thought of

I am physically in my stores, my heart is in my stores

First times are hard

All I can do is the very best that I can

There’s on handbook for this

it’s an interesting time to be home with your spouse right now

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April 2, 2020

Live With Landyn: Maggie Tucker


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