It is no secret that I am not a “real blonde”…but boy do I love being it! I am naturally a brunette, but they tell you to go back to whatever hair color you had when you were a child, so blonde has been my choice of color and I love it. To me, it just feels natural. Ya know?

I have been a blonde most of my life, but remember it getting darker around 10th grade. In my sophomore pictures, the top of my hair was brown and bottom was blonde, and it was just not okay. I kept asking Belinda why she let me leave the house like that, so she gave in and let me get highlights. Now, growing up in south FL, I stayed pretty blonde with the sun and beach, which was mostly the reason I was not in the salon often, plus my parents weren’t going to pay for that maintenance at 16.

It wasn’t until I had Lily that I decided to go back to my natural color…I was around my sisters who were beautiful brunettes, and so I decided I should make the change and boy ,do I wish I didn’t. Let me just say this to all you mamas out there, NEVER do anything drastic after having a baby. DON’T. I know we have this urge to be an all new you with a major haircut or new hair color, but I found it was more of an uh-oh decision. It was so much upkeep ) cause when you have been bleaching your hair for years, the follicle is wide open, making it difficult to hold any color what so ever. Plus it led to me changing my make up and clothing choices. Just all around a bad look for Landyn. It took me a good 2 years of color correcting, so I never did that again. You live and you learn. I feel best as a blonde, and I think there are a lot of beautiful brunettes, but for me, I prefer being blonde, and where I feel most comfortable. What’s the saying? Who has more fun?


Now all the blondes out there know..the goal here is to not only achieve the blonde, but also keep the blonde looking bright and fresh. First things first, you have to find someone that can help you look naturally blonde, and not look pulled out of a cap or too stripy. Have you tried Balayge? I have had some great people along the way, but with the hubby’s career, I had to move a lot, so I had to keep finding new stylist. And I have to be quite honest, it wasn’t until I found Oxana that I have been the happiest blonde me. She’s UNREAL.

Now that you have the best blonde color, best hairdresser and bonus..the best therapist! Let’s state the facts, being a blonde is a full time job. Oxana does a great job of it, but she will tell you, I pull the brassy tones real quick. If I don’t treat it or go into the salon, I don’t keep that bright blonde hues for very long.

So many companies have announced their launch of purple shampoos and conditioners, and I have used a couple over the years and they all did okay, but I always found that when I visited the salon, there was no comparison. So of course, we have all been on the hunt for something we can do at home. Or at least I have.

I’ve been teasing you guys for a week or two that I was using a few products that I LOVE and you guessed it…Well, maybe you didn’t . But drumroll please……..Living Proof Color Care. When Living Proof announced they were also launching their own color care line, I was thrilled.. cause you know I’m a faithful and a big cheerleader to their products, so I got the “purple” shampoo, conditioner, and whipped glaze.


Living Proof has always done me well and these new Color Care products are no different. I have always wondered what makes the purple shampoo so effective, and after doing some research, I have begun to understand the secrets.

Purple shampoo and conditioners are sulfate-free, which helps the color that is put into your hair not fade. This not only helps it to fade, but also makes it last 2x as long. Your hair fades for 3 main reasons: UV rays, blow drying/heat, and hard water. After your hair is freshly colored, it has little-to-no f-layer and a lifted cuticle. The f-layer is responsible for naturally giving hair its smooth and silky feel. The more you damage the f-layer, you reduce all of the chemicals that help that color stay bright and nourished. Both UV and water will cause damage to the proteins and amino acids that strengthen your hair.

Now Living Proof has their own patented technology that makes these purple products the magical tools that they are. The Locking Molecule (CPULA) forms a hydrophobic layer on your hair, even after it’s rinsed, to help lock in color. Aka you will look salon finished every time you wash.

Overall, there is not much you can do, the thing you can do is choose a good shampoo for your hair type. For blondes, purple shampoo is the best combination to keep that hair fresh and bright.


To me, I am just a girl using a shampoo in her shower and this stuff looks like I walked out of the salon. It is a breathe of fresh air, and gives me that pop of bright and my hair looks and feels shiny! I wanted to share because if you are a blonde like I am, you know the struggle is real to keep that color looking like you just left the salon and I am so grateful that Living Proof got with the program.

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April 1, 2019



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Do you use these products every time you wash your hair? I’ve used purple shampoo/conditioner in the last that were only for occasional use. It would be nice to have those results after every wash!

Hey girl!

I usually only wash my hair only every 3 day, so with that, I use this product when I do wash it! If you wash your hair more often than that, then you can mix it in with your products you already use!



How often do you use these products? Every time you wash your hair? I was told to only use the purple shampoo once weekly ( I wash my hair every other day).

Hey girl!

I usually only wash my hair only every 3 day, so with that, I use this product when I do wash it! If you wash your hair every other day, then you can mix it in with the products you already use!



Do you know if they will make some for brunettes?! Also, where is that cute tank from?! Let me guess…VICI?! 🙂

katie Cashman

what shower head attachment did you use to help filter the water and keep your color fresh? I can’t find it on here!!!!

Donna Stevenson

Do you only use living proof? My hair is thin and fine. Need something with volume. My hair is also aging bc I’m 50 now


I use it really only for dry shampoo – I love this texturizing spray:

Donna Stevenson

Thank you so much!! What other shampoos and conditioners do you like to use?

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