HEY LANDYN 👋🏻 —— ALL ABOUT MOVING 📦📦📦 They’re right when they say moving, is one of THE MOST stressful life events. Often times exciting nonetheless. Not only packing the boxes + finding the right home and organizing the move itself. If that isn’t enough to put you over the edge.🤪After you’ve done all that…what about starting your life in a new city? Making new friends? Learning your way around? Finding someone to color your hair? Ha! You know, all the things. Tune in today as I share some of the ways I adjusted over the years and nine moves later. It’s now live + up on my IGTV 📺 How many times have you moved? Any sage advice you can share with us all? *Also, sweatshirt is linked in my stories and is currently 40% Off 🙌🏻*

November 18, 2019



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Hey girlfriend! Can you tell me where this adorable coat you are wearing is from? I love it and I LOVE YOU…..mean it, xoxo

Hey Girlfriend! Can you tell me where this adorable grey/silver coat is from you are wearing/ I Love it and I LOVE YOU……mean it, xoxo

Sure thing! It’s from Target 🙂 https://shopstyle.it/l/baP0q

Thank you so much for the coat info and the moving guide (as I will hopefully be moving by next June). You are always so helpful. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving and GO BIG BLUE! Love you, mean it……xoxo


Thank you for this!! You are the best!

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