Morning girls! Thanks for following along on IG stories- I loved doing that with you in real time. I wanted to simplify and link all the products below. Don’t forget to drop your questions at bottom and I’ll see you tonight for my PM Skincare!


(I use these products once a week)

Sheer Shine Pads


Wake up I do NOT wash my face

I start with: Koji Pads (they are a prescription through Karee Hays)

I then mist my face with water

Up next, I make a little skincare cocktail in the palm of my hand

Then I drop the Sheer Peptide Gel into my palm

Then I will also add a pump of C+ Correcting Cream

Finally, I will add a pump of my DEJ Face Cream

Then I mix together in my palms and rub into my skin, up my neck, décolletage and then the rest I use on my hands (don’t waste a DROP)

After that, I will apply Intellishade (this is my foundation- a life changer. goes with ANY skin tone)

I love the original in the winter and the matte in the summer.

I apply the intellishade with my favorite sponge ever (seriously – it’s under $4) I rinse the sponge first with really hot water, and then I make sure I squeeze as much of the water out as I can.


Spend $115, get a Free Youthful Lip Replenisher and empty Living with Landyn Signature Bag – Valid 1/23-3/28


Shop all of my favorite products here!





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January 19, 2020

My Morning Skin Routine 2020


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Stephanie Carraway

Was your skin perfect before you started using these products? No wrinkles! No spots! 😩 Hate you…just kidding….I’m obsessed with you! 😊Thanks for sharing xo

Lori Miranda

Thanks Landyn! Hopefully, my husband doesn’t divorce me after my facial products purchased! :)))

Lori Miranda

Landyn- I did forgot 2 things-

1. How long do the koji pads last? How often do you get a new container?

Thanks for all your info, blog, etc… I follow it all! Love it! I was honored to meet you a long time ago- in the bitter cold of Minneapolis- I am a friend of Maggie Murphy and we met at a couple games. Keep up everything and THANK YOU!

Katie White

Thanks Landyn! I think the C+ Correcting Cream is linking to the Intellishade??

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