Last week I had the incredible honor to teach at St.Cecelia Academy here in Nashville. I had to share with you what an incredible day I had! I’ve done things like this in the past when I lived in Minnesota and had just been saying how much I LOVE connecting with young women in this way when the opportunity popped into my inbox. The universe works in mysterious ways!

The school wanted helped with their session for freshman students called The Art of Living Graciously, based off of Kate Spade’s book and rooted in inner/outer beauty. PERFECT. I kicked off the session by going over wardrobe basics. I pulled racks of basic pieces from shoes to the perfect LBD to the versatile jean jacket to show the girls how to put together outfits for a variety of occasions. I brought a few girls up for a little styling test and they nailed it! So impressed!

At the end of the class we had a few Q&As and I asked what they wished they could tell their Moms. One girl said that she wished her Mom would truly listen to her and it completely touched my heart. You may have seen on my stories that the tears could not stop! As a Mom it was an incredible reminder to stop and be present. This age is so precious, impressionable and HARD. I can’t begin to tell you how moved and inspired I was by the whole day. I would love nothing more than continue to help and support young women in this way. I can’t stop thinking about it. A seed of inspiration has officially been planted!


Don’t think I’m forgetting about my grown up students! Here’s a little more insight into getting your own style into shape. Fashion and style should be fun, an extension of your personality and the showcase the things you like about yourself most. The concept of defining your personal style might feel limiting to some of you, especially if you are a frequent shopper like me, but it’s actually the opposite. Once you have an idea of what works for you, it gives you so much freedom to stop spending time and money chasing trends, styles, and looks that don’t work for you. Instead you can focus on creating a closet full of clothes that you look and feel great in. Saving your time, money, and your dang sanity while looking your best is one of the prettiest choices I can think of.


  • Fashion trends change and so do we. Build a good base, then add trends. Not every trend is for everybody.
  • Fill your closet with what you love. Buy what you really love and can’t wait to wear.
  • Style is often just as much about what you DON’T want to wear as what you do.
  • Start with what you have. Clean out your closet and donate. Put back what makes you feel GREAT!
  • All women are beautiful. Love your curves and what makes you uniquely you! Don’t do yourself a diservice by thinking there’s only one way to be beautiful.
  • Identify with someone that has a similar body type and coloring and follow their lead.



  • Black blazer
  • Black skinny jeans
  • High-waisted denim jeans in a medium wash
  • White tank top with a medium strap so you can wear a bra with it
  • A relaxed-fit, white t-shirt
  • Nude belt
  • Pair of nude pumps
  • Black structured cocktail dress
  • Chambray light washed button down shirt
  • Black booties with a black 3-inch heel
  • Slouchy, nude tote bag
  • Neutral colored, felt, wide-brimmed hat 
  • Street-style, neutral colored sneaker
  • Black high waisted pencil skirt
  • Black faux leather moto jacket with matte black hardware 


  • Gold stackable bangles (at least 3, but preferably 5)
  • A longer gold necklace with a medallion pendant
  • 2 ct. diamond studs (real or faux) 
  • Thick gold cuff bracelet 
  • Gold stackable rings that can be mixed and matched
  • Pair of large gold hoops
  • 2-3 delicate gold strand necklaces with dainty details or charms 
  • Black wrap bracelet
  • Matte neutral color beaded bracelets 



  • No rhinestones or embellishments on your jeans, jacket, or really anywhere else. Please JUST SAY NO to embellishments. Unless they are edgy and tastefully placed. 
  • Don’t show too much skin. We do not need to see all of you, even if you have the body of a Victoria Secret Angel. 
  • If you have on a strapless top, you don’t also need a mini skirt. 
  • Don’t wear all your designer pieces at the same time. If you are lucky enough to have a great designer bag, a Gucci belt, and some Golden Goose sneakers, please don’t wear them all together. It shows that you spent money, but it doesn’t make me believe that you have money and nobody really cares. 
  • One animal print per customer, please! We’ve all been there, let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past, OK? But if I had to choose one, gray tone snakeskin is my first choice. 
  • Avoid multiple, clashing patterns. Unless you are a model in a high-fashion runway show, just stop. 
  • Wear a bra. I’m sorry I had to tell you that, but it really isn’t optional. Save those high-beams for your husband! Also, please wear the right color underwear. Find some great nude panties in different cuts and stock up. 
  • Take the yoga pants off. Sure, wear them to the gym or, you know, yoga. But don’t wear them all the time and if you must, please ensure we can’t all see your booty. This is when I love a long cardigan and makes it look for like an outfit for errands after your workout. 
  • You aren’t Stevie Nicks, so please don’t wear a duster with a prairie skirt.
  • Faux fur and leather are awesome. But make sure they actually look like real fur and leather. You do not want to look like you shaved your kid’s teddy bear and glued it on a plastic jacket. 




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January 16, 2020

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Love all the tips! Landyn, my daughter is 17 and needs a couple of cute dresses for awards banquets. Suggestions on where to shop?


If I had a daughter, I would send her to this post! So much yes for tasteful and FUN dressing right here. I love that the pieces you chose and tips you shared let the woman shine, not the clothes. Well done!


You are not Stevie Nicks! 😂😂😂 Love it.

Karen Erickson

What is the brand of the leather woven handbag you got from TX Max? I found one and it was a bit more than I’d usually spend, but on sale and I think it was worth it!! I love it! Just wondering if I got the same brand?


Hi Landyn… where did you get the sweatshirt with stars on the arm that was in your stories yesterday? Thanks


These “rules” make me sad. No woman needs to wear a bra if that’s her preference. Our breasts aren’t a treat to be saved for our husbands, and they certainly don’t make us less stylish. Same with showing skin or visible panty lines. True style is wearing what makes you comfortable and confident and not conforming to someone else’s idea of what is acceptable.

Reply to  Sarah

yes. agreed 🙂

Danielle Stuart

Hi Landyn! Where is your black and white blouse from? Love it!

Kelly Kormos

Hi this is great! I could have sworn when I looked at this on my phone recently, there were examples and links to purchase! I need you to tell me exactly what to get lol. Thanks for your help!!!

LOLLLL on the tips — love how you tell it like it is. Some of us need the tough love!

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