If you’ve been following along – You know Ann Arbor holds a special place in our heart, but even more so now because Lily will be attending her freshman year at the University of Michigan this fall! As you can imagine, we are thrilled and knew that we were going to be spending a lot of time here in the coming years – That’s why we decided to purchase an investment condo in Ann Arbor so we would have a place to stay.

This week, Steve, Lily + I headed up to MI to put everything together. We had some big help with a few local Nashville brands with bringing this vision to life: SaraSells, Mayker + Stock + Trade – They were each a DREAM. Below I have listed photos + tried to source everything for you, I’m just loving how it has come together.


Over here is Jack’s corner – Can’t wait for him to come up here this fall with us! I grabbed the hook here and then found the perfect dog bowls for him. The other Michigan items are from the M-Den and I brought his black and white leash from home. The middle photo is the entry way into the condo – I got the bench at SaraSells (here is a similar one) The small leather pillow came with a brown leather chair (here is a similar one) and the navy pillow is from Homegoods. I snagged the vintage Ann Arbor map here + then went to Michaels to have it matted + framed.


I have been loving our kitchen – it’s cozy and the perfect amount of space for us! When we landed in Ann Arbor, Lily and I did a big Target run and this is where we grabbed all of our small appliance, dishes, cutting boards, canisters trays, etc. We then hit up Ikea and snagged the knife block + knives, storage containers with wood lids, utensils + cookware/bakeware. We snagged the zz plant from Lowes, our barstools are here and the rug under the barstools is from Mayker, as well as the dish towels on the oven.


Next, we have the dining room the console and dining room tables are from Sara Sells – long with the pendant light and the large round mirror. The glass lamps are from Target and you can fill them with anything you want. I’m probably gonna fill them with buttons and also our game day tickets over the years. Mayker had these dining chairs and as soon as I saw them, I knew they were perfect, along with the houndstooth rug as well. The three leather black barstools under the console are from Sara Sells and I snagged the Michigan pendant here and then had it framed at Michaels.


Now on to the living room, this might be one of my favorite spots – Can’t wait for all the game day hangs here! The leather chairs, gold pedestal side tables, coffee table, black small table, couch, yellow pillows, wood chain on coffee table, living room rug and buffet table are from Sara Sells. The striped bench in front of the sliding glass door is it from Target, along with the throw on the bench. This concrete bowl is from Mayker and I got the moss at Michaels. 

Here is where I got the brown glass votive and of course we visited the M Den, which is where we got the bobble head. The navy blue curtains + rod are from IKEA. All the art and pendants are from Etsy and then I took them to Michaels to get them framed. I got this floor lamp from Sara Sells, the tree is from Target and the basket is from Homegoods. Finally, the chalkboard and marquee letter board is from Hobby Lobby. 

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August 2, 2022

Our Ann Arbor Condo Pt. 1


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Elizabeth Torres

Can you please share more about the blinds you had installed? Specifically which model/color??

Lisa Gale

You showed an upholstered bed in your stories and have been anxiously waiting for you to link. 😊 Can you share? Thanks!

Rosalie Schraut

It looks great! Where did you get the couch? Maybe we’ll run into each other at Parent’s weekend.


LOVE this SO much!
Where did you find the artwork (two prints) in the hallway? You are SO amazing! Thank you for the inspiration! ❤️❤️❤️


Hi, can you please indicate what the pennants are mounted on? Or possibly a closer up picture. Love the way they turned out and have a vintage college one I would like to do the same thing to.


Thank you for the reply! I apologize and realize now I should have been clearer. I meant on the frame itself. Is the pennant mounted on a a fabric cloth mat or is it just paper mat? It appears to have texture.

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