Our bed, console & glass side tables are from Stock & Trade, the brand for the bed is Bernhardt. Then on to our bedding, the Coverlet, duvet & blanket, sheets & shams are one of our favorite brands from Target. I picked up the long pillow, braided leather and knit center pillow from Homegoods and the two suede pillows and euros are from Mayker. Our beside wall lamps are from Sara Sells and this is where I got the decor box on the nightstand. We got the TV from Samsung, the tree from Target and the poof is also from Sara Sells. Our curtains and rods came from Ikea- the color is natural linen.

All of our towels and bath accessories came from Target. The mirrors and cabinet hardware came from here. The plaid towel and bench are from Mayker.



The all of the bedding is from Stock + Trade, except for the sheets – which I got here. The bed is from here.  The chair and long pillow are from Mayker. The nightstands are also from Stock + Trade and the tripod lamp is from Sara Sells. The rug, plant and pot are from Ikea and the statue is from Homegoods + I added a little spray paint.

The shower curtain + bath accessories are from Target. The rug, plant and wall storage is from Ikea, the bench is from Homegoods and the art is from Amazon + framed at Michaels.

August 10, 2022

Our Ann Arbor Condo Pt. 2


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