I feel like we’ve been talking about this for ever. Well, I’ll tell you, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. It was all of you that really started the conversation. Honestly, most of the things that I’ve dreamt up have started with you asking me where? how? when? can we? will you? Yes girls, YES! I get just as excited as you and here’s my answers. Right here, I’ll try and figure it out, absolutely, I’ll do my best, and heck yeah I will! 

And let me just say, together we’ve done ALL THE THINGS, or a heck of a lot. Think about it. The LWL Tour, merchandise, discount codes, sunglasses, circle gold pendant, gifs, LWL mural and now a book, a store and bangles. I mean it really is wild to think of all that has happened in three years. I’ll say it again, and again. THANK YOU for this community and being the most supportive women. I truly am lucky to be on this platform and call you all friends.

So, after many drawings, multiple samples and planning with my girl, sought after jewelry designer, Melanie Auld. I am so excited to share all the details with you! There are only a few pieces of jewelry that have become staples in my life. My wedding rings, diamond studs that were a gift after having my children and my bangles.  They are beyond special to me and I’m thrilled for you to start this tradition. They are meant to represent something or someone special in your life. A milestone birthday, birth of a child, accomplishment, loss of a loved one, grandchildren or to remind yourself you’re worth it, just to name a few.

So when you asked me to recreate them, I did. An exact replica of my own. Same size, same materials, same meaning. The process has been long and rewarding. Many samples and rounds of revisions, they even made a trip from Tennessee to Italy. That’s right, these are the little bangles that could and they have now seen the world and will soon be traveling with you. They will be something you never take off and you won’t want to. They go with everything and everywhere. I saved my instastories in my highlights “bangle” if you need to go back and watch again.

I hope you are as excited as I am to finally offer these to you all. I hope you find the price fair and more of an investment. When working with quality gold it’s hard to skimp and quite frankly I didn’t want to. I only wanted to create them like mine, in solid gold so that you’d never have to worry about them, ever. They are sturdy, gorgeous and something I know you will never want to take off. I look forward to you collecting them along with all your special memories.

I can’t wait to see you wearing them and hear what they’ll represent.


So without further ado… I give you the Landyn Bangle and they are now available for pre-order.

Place your pre-order HERE 



Preorder Start Date:

Friday, May 24th @12 noon CST- this will be open for one week only

Preorder End Date:

Ends, Friday, May 31st @12 midnight CST

When will they ship and where to?

shipping last week of June

US + Canada

What size bangle?

3 sizes

small- 65mm

medium- 70mm

large- 75mm

may we suggest going to your local jeweler and have the widest point of your hand measured. the bangle should slide over your wrist. you aren’t looking for your actual wrist measurement.

 2mm in diameter

What materials + Where is it made? 

solid 10kt. yellow gold

made in Italy

What if I get the wrong size? 

we will gladly exchange for a size that fits you best

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May 24, 2019



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Question – went to preorder the bangles and it’s showing the price in CAD (437.87). Will it convert to USD? Thank you 1

Reply to  livingwithland

Yes! Thank you! 🖤 I ordered mine for my husband to give to me! 👍🏼😂

Shelly Dose
Reply to  Jen

Hi, I’d like to order the brackets but it goes to a page that has an error. Can we still order?

Kary Bryant

I thought it was $325 but when I go to order it says $437


Nevermind- figured it out!

Gale Schlogl

I am loving this and all the things. Placing an order today


Can I return if small is too big?

Reply to  Dana

Hey girl! Yes, we will gladly exchange for a size that fits you best!

Reply to  Dana

Hey girl! Yes, we will easily exchange for the right size if the one ordered doesn’t fit correctly!


How many do you wear at a time?


I will save and get a bangle when I can. If I can do that


Can you show an existing bangle and how we would measure the inside to figure out what millimeters means? I want to order 5 but don’t want wrong size and I have bangle just need to know how to measure

Reply to  livingwithland

Thanks but, That doesn’t show how to measure an existing bangle in millimeters that is what I need to know

Krista Duffy

I love this so much Landy. More than you know. Such a great keepsake. Beautiful and solid Gold. I know the order closes in a few days. Will you open it back up again? I just got a job. I’m so excited. I want to save up for this.

Reply to  Krista Duffy

I am so glad you love them! Mine are definitely my most treasured pieces I own. We are doing most of the ordering in bulk with this pre-order, and are not too sure when we will open them up again. We may have some quantity left, but we can’t guarantee anything, so I am definitely recommending everyone order them this go round if they can!

Congrats on your job btw! So exciting!




Will these be available later? So if my husband wants to get me one at Christmas and again for Valentines Day?

Reply to  Trista

Hey girl! We are doing the bulk of our ordering during this pre-order! We may have some quantity later on, but we can’t guarantee it nor how many! I definitely recommend getting them now if you can just to ensure you get the amount you want!




I thought we were going to be able to add to them? Your answer sounds like it is now or never. I don’t want to order one and then not be able to get more. Plus with the amount of investment I was hoping they would be in your store. I have wanted a collection for a while but I want it to be the right one. Also, having a hard time with the sizing. I know I wear a 7.5 inches. I guess my math is way off because trying to convert to mm doesn’t come any where close… Read more »

Tomi Patterson

I thought I saw a “Drop a hint” box in the app, not seeing it on line….am I blind?


Hey, Landyn. Is there a discount offered if you order multiple bangles?

Nancy L. Smith

How will we be able to order these in the future? I know I will love them and will want to add more to my collection for special occasions.


I am worried that the small will still be to big. R they returnable if they are to big? I order a size 7.5″ from the Yearly Co. Thanks!!


So I missed the pre order. When will they be available again ?


So, I missed the pre order. When will the small be available again?


I am just about jumping out of my skin waiting for my first bangle! It will be a 12 Year Anniversary gift from my hubby. I plan to order more for the next few anniversaries!


I’m so sad I bought 2 of the 65mm bangles and they are too big, will there be smaller sizes available.

Reply to  Debbie

Hi Debbie!

Please email hello@livingwithlandyn.com and I will get you connected with the right people!


When will you be doing another preorder?

Reply to  WENDY

Hey girl! Be on the lookout- we want to make sure everyone has the correct size before we open it back up to everyone. Here is the newsletter link: https://signup.e2ma.net/signup/1865269/1809248/ Be sure you’re signed up for up to date info.


Any updates as to when they will be available again? I’ve dm’d you and never got a response, I’ve asked on the bangle post & never got a response. Kinda’ bummed that I can’t seem to get any feedback.

Reply to  Allison

Hey Allison! So sorry about not being able to get feedback! We are working hard right now to make sure everyone who originally ordered one gets the right size, etc. Be on the lookout and make sure you are signed up for the newsletter- as for right now, there isn’t a set in stone date.



Dumb question but are the bangles still available for order???

Reply to  Nicole

Hey girl!

They will be eventually, make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter: https://signup.e2ma.net/signup/1865269/1809248/

Maureen Bea

I am hoping that these bracelets will be available for order again soon. Would love to get an update on them. Thank you so much!!! Very appreciated. M

Reply to  Maureen Bea

Oh girl ! Keep your eyes open soon 😉


Woohoo all eyes over here 👀👁

Reply to  livingwithland

Hi, any update on when they will be back in stock?

Connie Dahlberg

Are you still selling the bangles? One of mine broke and I would like to replace it. I love them! Thank you.

Deb Zeo

I got my 2 new bangles but they have a gold piece on the underside holding the bangle together that I don’t care for, my other 2 from the laar order were seamless, are they all like this now?

I emailed Melanie to return but would like them if they don’t have this..

Erin Russell

Hi Landyn! I am planning to order your bangles for my mother’s birthday. If I pre order will that guarantee that I WILL get bracelets? I think I have seen where the bracelets sell out. I didn’t know if there was cut off for the amount of people that can pre-order ?


Hello! Are you going to have more bangles available?


My bangle just broke and was under the impression they were solid and they are hallow tubing. They can’t be fixed. How do I contact the person I bought it from. Please.

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