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And we’re back for another episode of HEY LANDYN- Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one.  This week, I thought it would be fun to have the girls create a bunch of random rapid fire questions for me to answer. You’ll learn everything from the weirdest thing I have ever eaten, down to my favorite TV shows and even what I kept in my high school locker. What are some rapid fire questions you would love to ask me?

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October 28, 2019



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Yellowstone is like the best show ever!! Me and Dustin on Tuesdays will always watch it together.

Reply to  Amelia

THE. BEST. I’m in love with the scenery and Rip 🙂

carol a fread

Landyn, my daughter and I visited your mom and bought the most beautiful fig tree. Your mom had a skirt on from your opening day long, coal color with ties can you tell me if you have any more and do you ship? I need a large. My daughter and I are coming to your store early December, as I turn YIKESSSS 60 and my daughter turned 40 to celebrate our birthdays. We are having a mother/daughter weekend. Totally love you and Belinda. (My daughter lives in Parkland. We also tried to get your mom to adopt us, so we… Read more »

Reply to  carol a fread

HA! Oh my goodness, yes! Sweet Belinda. We are trying to re-order that. If and when we get it in, we will post on the store instagram. I can’t wait for you to visit. Sounds like a FAB trip! Gosh, don’t I know….That was a hot ticket! Thanks for stopping by my mom’s too. Just love Belinda 🙂

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