Here it is! You asked and I’m delivering the ultimate ski essentials post! My family and I absolutely cherish our trips to hit the slopes. It’s great exercise and a really great family activity. When Steve was in the NFL, he was banned from skiing so he didn’t risk an injury. Now that he’s retired we’ve really taken advantage and Utah has become such a happy place for us. We LOVE Deer Valley and Park City Mountain. Deer Valley limits snowboarders (sorry if you love it, but snowboarders can really be all of the place, over your skis, etc.) and they limit lift tickets so it doesn’t get too crowded. We always do a refresher lesson on Day 1 to get back on the horse. Of course, that didn’t help so much this last trip when I almost tore my MCL on a green. WHOOPS.


A few tips:

Drink A LOT of water. It is so easy to get dehydrated on the mountain. You burn about 360 calories an hour out there! That’s a great excuse to order the beef nachos and champagne at lunch too.

  • Look for coats with several zipped pockets to hold your room key, cash, always need some chapstick. I also love a jolly rancher or two tucked in there. Ha!
  • Wear sunscreen! Don’t let the cold weather fool you. I always use my Revision sunscreen.
  • We love an app called SkiLynx. The whole family logs in and we can see where everyone is on the lifts and runs, plus we can message each other to meet up. It tracks your runs + lifts and how many miles you logged each day.
  • Protect those LIPS- I always have a stick of Nivea lips moisture in another pocket.

Now for what to wear, what to pack. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s so, so cold out there. It is worth the investment to get warm, durable outerwear. I’m a plain Jane myself, so I go pretty basic on the colors and everything stays timeless over a few years. You can get a little more adventurous with accessories!

I do a lot of my ski shopping online, but I also had a lot of luck at our local Sun & Ski this year. Neptune Diving and Ski is a great Nashville staple too! I also got new boots fitted at the Gorsuch store in Park City over the summer. Definitely try to buy in the off season to get the best deals!

We all wear goggles by Electric. The most stylish and the best quality. SO GOOD. Plus,I have a code! Use LANDYN20 to get 20% off your order!

Have fun snow bunnies!



Jackets and pants

My jumpsuit is by Bogner. Expensive but super warm, cute and timeless and has you looking like something out of a James Bond movie. Hubby likes 😉

Base layer



Heated gloves are a game changer! I also just started using the elastic wrist cuff. It’s a great  attachment to tether your gloves, so when you’re on a lift and trying to adjust you don’t have to worry about ever seeing them again if they fall.


Get a little crazy

For the kids

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February 27, 2020

Ski Essentials


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Can you recommend places to eat while there? Taking a trip there next month for the first time.


Where do you like to stay in Utah?


love this. Thanks for posting. You forgot to mention wear a helmet and bring a swim suit.


Hello – Can you share the name of the electric googles you like and for your kids? Thank you.

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