First things first, who else is loving this 17th Anniversary Throwback photo above?? Talk about time flies, but I still get all kinds of giddy when I remember the fun we had!

Now before I dive into the this and that rules of spring/summer wedding attire, I just want to say that asking a girlfriend is always a safe bet! We are all here to help each other out, so if you don’t know exactly what to wear or if what you got will work, tell your bestie all the wedding details and show them what you’re thinking. Especially if they are going to the same wedding! Crosschecking your outfit with your friends is always a good idea! And if she’s a true friend, she’ll tell you the truth and not what you want to hear. Right?!?

As your other best friend, I am here for ya. So let me say this…spring and summer weddings can be so much fun. I love seeing all of the beautiful decorations people choose, the dresses, the tux, the food, I mean what is there NOT to love about a wedding?! And of course being the guest is less stress.

Now, there may be one thing? WHAT TO WEAR?!

You know I love a good theme, and a detail. My go-to rule when looking at what type of outfit I should be wearing is always look to the invite. The couple will know the question is going to come up of, “what do I wear?” so they will usually let you know the theme or attire through the invite. Pay attention to that, lord knows the girl put in some hours on that one.. The answers are usually in the invite, so if you refer to it, you should be good to go! And if you’re still like…. help me Landyn! Keep reading 🙂



  1. The first rule/tip you will always hear about attending a wedding is NEVER to wear white to the wedding. White is reserved for the bride and the bride only. Now, there are times where the bride will say that it is okay, but always stay on the side of caution.

  2. Look at the invites ladies…I keep saying it, but it is TRUE. Be aware of the type of wedding, especially when it comes to colors. Spring time is exciting because we can add some pop of color; however, do not choose a neon pink dress. You don’t want the attention to go away from the beautiful bride. It is her day, so it is good to make sure that she is the center of attention at all times.

  3. Never wear anything too skimpy. A good cocktail dress, like a midi dress is not bad. What you do want to stay away from is a plunging neckline or mini skirt… and even worse, BOTH of those at the same time. I know a beach wedding or outdoor in the summer can be difficult not to get too hot, but again be subtle and classic. Leave a little to the imagination. It’s actually sexier.

  4. Jeans or casual clothes is a no go. If the wedding has an understanding that is is SUPER casual, and jeans are being worn by the wedding party, then go ahead. I still say, let your man wear the jeans. If you are going to an outdoor wedding and want to be comfy for the heck of it, I still say pick a cute sundress or something a bit nicer.

  5. Each wedding is different, so make sure that your outfit can go from walking on grass to gravel, to sitting in heat or cold. Wear something you can dance in and doesn’t ride up or bunch when you take one step. It is a party! Make sure you are able to have a good time instead of being restricted by what you are wearing. The last thing you want to do is be pulling and tugging at your dress all day/night.

  6. RSVP on time. Who else remembers planning their wedding, and more people showed up than sent you an RSVP or the opposite. You want people to come and celebrate, but you also want all the food you paid for to not run out. This is so important, especially for the couple who is keeping to a budget. We all know weddings can be expensive, so to be able to gage a good amount of who will be attending helps a ton for food, drink amounts, seating… honestly, EVERYTHING. Don’t stress the poor girl out even more.

  7. Arrive to the wedding on time! It is always important to be prompt and be in your seat before the wedding begins. You want to respect each part of the ceremony, and who doesn’t want to admire all the details, bridesmaids, flowers and not to mention those cute kiddos!



I LOVE a good beach wedding…probably the FL girl in me, but they are beautiful. Anytime I can go to the beach and add a good outfit into the mix, I am there for it. Beach weddings can be fun, because while you can be beautiful and classy, you can add some comfort and color.

For a beach wedding, a good flowy dress is a great option. A good neutral color, floral print or even add a pop of color for the earrings is perfect. Stripes are also a good option to go along with a nautical beach theme. You can add a straw clutch or some fun wicker jewelry, and boom you look beach wedding ready.

Helpful Hints:

  • Linen is probably my favorite type of material to wear to a beach wedding, but anything light like chiffon or even a good cotton blend can still look classy and beautiful, while adding no sweat to the mix.

  • Last, but not least is if the wedding is an evening wedding or if the reception is outside, bring a light shawl with you just in case! You never know when those cool beach breezes will show up!



A black tie wedding gives the excuse to pull out that long black dress that you absolutely love. I love a good black tie wedding because let’s be real, we all need a reason to get REALLY dressed up. For black tie, I usually always go with a long, darker colored dress, most of the time black, but a good navy or something darker would work too! I love to add some gold jewelry, and then of course a good heel. I don’t like to do too much when it comes to a formal wedding. I feel like less is more and stays classic and timeless.



Yes please. I love a good destination wedding, and with having to be mindful of packing, I try and do my very best to still bring the whole look with staying within the weight limit at the airport….which is ALWAYS fun…not.

Depending on where the “destination” is, the look can be different. Overall, if it is a tropical destination or even Italy, florals can be the perfect choice or just a good summer color, anything that adds to the fun and stays on theme is great!

Helpful Hints:

  • Have fun with this one! Add some color, whether that be your dress or accessories, and just enjoy the setting you are at!

  • Ditch the bright colors. There is nothing wring with a little color, but your aim is to blend in and let the bride shine. Of course you should rock something you feel great in and look your best, but super bright colors don’t match very many wedding colors and will make you stand out for more than your incredible highlight work.

  • Pick something that flows, and nothing that is too tight. Again, like the beach wedding, you never know the temperature.

  • SHOES. Shoes are a big factor in what you wear, but also what type of shoe is a big question for destination weddings. If it is on the beach, barefoot is an option, not my favorite, but it is acceptable and can be easier. I say wear an easy to get off shoe, and then when you hit the sand, you can take them off.



I have to say, a church wedding may be one of the most beautiful settings…it is just to peaceful and usually the architecture is let alone stunning. For a church wedding, my staple rule is to always wear something that covers your shoulders. This can be a shawl if you have a certain dress type that doesn’t include sleeves, but I definitely always am aware of the setting and make sure to honor and respect their religion.



Backyard weddings can be tricky, but man are they a good time! I mean, girls if you haven’t been to one, get yourself invited! For a backyard wedding, I say again…INVITES are your key. Like I said, I am all about a good theme, let this guide you.

If the wedding calls for a more casual look, then you are good to go with a sundress or skirt, or even linen pants and a top.

If it is somewhat more “formal” outdoors wedding, then I still say stick with a more of a sun dress, but also maybe go with a darker color over a bright. You don’t want to under-dress if the theme is something where people are going a little more dressed up, so make sure to pay attention to that detail!

Being a wedding guest is supposed to be exciting and stress free, you are celebrating people you love, so never get to worked up about what you are wearing. Now I know you are like, Landyn come on…. I truly believe as long as you know the “theme” and are aware of the type of wedding you are attending, you are good to go! Now go wear that new dress and eat all of the cake and dance your little heart out!



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April 29, 2019



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