And we are back, back again…Alexa, play some Backstreet Boys ha! Target Tuesday is here and this time around we are talking…rugs! I loved seeing all the excitement over last week’s home decor post (and if you missed it, check it out here), so I figured let’s continue the trend, and since rugs are the most hot topic you ask down the Target aisle, I got you covered!

Let me just say this. I love a good rug..big or small…long or short. I mean, have you really ever thought about the amount of different rugs there are to choose from?? You can have accent rugs, area rugs, patio rugs, kitchen rugs, doormats, runners, I mean it’s ENDLESS people.

When I think of decorating a room or space of any sort, one of the first questions I ask myself is…”what type of rug do I want to see here? Yes, I am very aware that may seem strange…but depending on the room, the rug can make all the difference and it’s your anchor. I decide whether a solid color or patterned works best…usually indoors will be a solid color and outdoor will be more of a pattern and for some reason, once that rug goes down, folks we got ourselves room.

Rug obsessed? Maybe. Not as bad as throw pillows ( just snagged these, I’ll show you today on my stories) I just can’t get enough, and I have Target to blame. They just have the best rugs (heck, stuff) + they are super affordable. Do I have a hard time carrying them out of the store? Absolutely (see below for proof), but hey the struggle is worth the gain. I’m stubborn and never ask for help. You? It’s a workout, right?





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April 23, 2019



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