Ok, so it’s still in the 90’s here in Nashville, but it’s September, so it’s fall, right? CRAZY! As much as I’m looking forward to snuggling up in cozy sweaters and making s’mores on chilly evenings, I am also going to miss this warm weather and days at the pool so much! Anyone else have trouble letting go? You too? Ok, let’s talk about the best way to keep that summer glow into the fall. 


I grew up in Florida so I feel like I’ve been kissed by the sun my whole life. It doesn’t take much for me to get and keep a tan thanks to my dad’s side of the family, which (if you didn’t know, this is a fun fact!) is part Cherokee. But, obviously, sitting out in the sun with no sunscreen is a huge no-go if you want to keep your skin looking young and wrinkle-free! But none of us want to look washed out and pasty, am I right? So, a few years ago, I got serious about upping my SPF and started using self-tanners to give me that sun-kissed look. I have a few different options that I love.


My inexpensive go-to to extend a tan is Jergen’s Body Glow. I use the medium shade. I discovered it about 8 or 9 years ago after returning from one of Steve’s Pro Bowls in Hawaii. I picked it up and was like, “Huh? Wonder how this works?” I had a great base tan already, so I swapped my regular lotion for Jergen’s Body Glow and just used it every day. I kid you not, in the middle of Minnesota I had the most beautiful tan that just lasted and lasted. It’s one of those things that builds over time and never gets streaky. Whenever I have a tan, coming off of vacation or something, I apply this on the daily as my lotion. I think it just gives the prettiest, natural tan.


if you’re going to an event and didn’t have time to get a spray tan, Sally Hansen makes a leg makeup. I’m a huge fan. You can find it at your local drugstore or Target. Sounds crazy, right? But it works! It literally looks like foundation. I mix a little of the leg makeup with a big squirt of my Aveeno lotion (I like the one with the green cap!) and apply it all over my legs and arms, being really careful not to get it on my clothes, and rub it in really well. Once it’s dry, it looks like I’ve been airbrushed. It gives you a nice, natural tan until you wash it off and no one will ever know it’s makeup. I always keep that in my makeup drawer for emergencies. 


For a longer lasting tan at home, I love the Josie Maran Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Oil from Sephora. It comes with little buffing glove that helps reduce streaks. I love, love, love the color that it gives. It does take a little while to set, so plan to apply it when you can wear loose clothing all day and no bra! Seriously, do NOT apply the morning before a PTA meeting or something, ladies! 


When I want a true, professional spray tan, like before a very important event or before we go on vacation, I go to Parlour 3 in Brentwood. I get “neked” and Cookie (her real name is Kendall) gives me the most bad ass spray tan. She uses X color. It lasts me about a week. This is, obviously, the priciest option I’ve discussed here, but it’s so worth the money. I love being able to go on vacation all bronzed and not have to worry about sun damage, since I’m already tan! 


So, there you go! How are you going to glow this fall?





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October 22, 2019

What Self-Tanner Do You Use?


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Could you have Karee Hays share on your podcast how often we should mechanically exfoliate and chemically exfoliate? And what the difference is between retinol and glycolic? Is Retinol an exfoliator? I love watching and hearing the two of you chat! You’re both inspiring and so easy going!

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