Have you ever watched those series on Netflix that’s like ‘All About The 90s’?! Or maybe on Lifetime where it covers the best of a decade or a year – Well, this is ours!

In this episode, Anne Claire and I decided to hop on the  mic to do one of our favorite things: go back into her camera roll and re-live all the memories with some laughs and some tears. So, here is the year 2017 in review!

Anne Claire started working with me that year, which I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years, but we figured this was the best place to start!

We are covering:

  • The first thing Anne Claire has on her phone that we ever did together! (I bet you ladies will remember this)
  • Our Wizard of Oz life rule – that you should probably adopt, too
  • Anne Claire’s therapy session that year I should probably pay for 🙂 and
  • My most unexpected surprise of 2017

We had so much fun going down memory lane – and I hope you do, too! Seriously, I couldn’t do ANY of this if it weren’t for YOU. You are my girls, my ride or dies. And I am so glad you are on this journey with me.

If you want some visuals of all the things we covered in this episode, check out the video montage below!


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July 25, 2022

Year in Review: 2017 with Anne Claire


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Danna F

Loved this recap! I still have the black checkered poncho & love it! Look forward to listening to 2018 recap!

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