what to wear for holiday travel, what to wear for traveling in a car

The holiday travel season is upon us.  How many of you guys have to travel at some point during the holidays?  We luck out and my in-laws come to us, it is the benefit of marrying an only child, but I have done years of just regular traveling back and forth to see friends and family because we have always lived so far away.  We have talked about what I wear when I travel before, but I wanted to give you to comfortable and stylish options for holiday travel whether you are hitting the roads or flying the friendly skies this holiday season.

 what to wear when flying, what to wear to the airport

Dress | Jacket | Shoes | Tote | Necklace

Comfort and style are the two of the key things when it comes to dressing any time of the year, but they are especially important when you traveling.  No one wants to be sitting in the car for 8 ours in jeans that squeeze you in the waist or teetering around the airport in high heels, but we also don’t want to look like we just rolled out of bed either.  Luckily ABLE (formerly Fashionable) is here to the rescue. They have so many cute, stylish basics that are absolutely perfect for all of your holiday travel needs.


Who is going over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house this year?  If you are going to be spending any amount of time in the car this holiday season, you are going to want to be comfortable doing it.  Lord knows with the bickering in the back seat, the constant whining and asking when we are going to get there, and the frequent bathroom breaks, the last thing you want is to have your jeans cutting you in the crotch and pinching at your waist.  Am I right?  I am obsessed with these high-waisted jeans from ABLE.  Even though they are high-waisted, they are so comfortable and suck you in all the places you need sucking in.  They also allow me to wear this fabulous cropped t-shirt without having my stomach hanging out.  It’s basically a win-win.


I don’t know about you guys, but I am always freezing in the car.  Even with all the fancy dual climate control, it is a constant battle over the air conditioning vents.  When your husband is a former offensive lineman let’s just say he gets a little hot.  Luckily I have this fabulous sweater coat to keep me warm.  Guys, you HAVE to have this cardigan.  It is actually made of a french terry material that is a little lighter than a sweatshirt and it is so versatile.  While I love it paired with my jeans, it would also be perfect to take if you were flying somewhere this holiday season.  It also is great just for lounging around the house in your pajamas…I’m just saying.

 black leather weekender bag

Weekender Bag

Okay, we have to talk about this bag.  Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous in your entire life?  I almost died when mine came in the mail.  This is the ultimate weekender bag.  It is definitely a little pricier, but it is totally worth the splurge.  Also, ABLE has given me a code for 20% off for all of my followers, so that will definitely take the sting out of it.  Just use LANDYN20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order, including markdowns.  Back to the bag, it is so incredibly well made and it comes in three different colors.  I love that it is unisex, so both Steve and I could use it for weekend getaways.  It would be perfect for airport travel too because it has and outside pocket that you could slide your phone, ID and boarding pass into without having to fumble around like an idiot in the security line.  It is a definite must add to your Christmas list if you are still looking for gift ideas for yourself or your special someone.


I don’t know if it is just me, but I always like to dress up just a little more when I am flying somewhere.  I think it is all the years of my mom drilling into my head that you never knew who you might meet on a plane.  Who knows, maybe you will be sitting next to your future husband or boss, or someone even more exciting like Justin Timberlake.  Moral of the story is that you want to look good when you fly.

However, we all know travel days can be long and lord knows if you have to chase a child around the airport you need to be comfortable.  That is why this fabulous shift dress from ABLE is perfect for airport travel days.  It is so unbelievably comfortable and easy to move in, which are the two most important criteria for travel clothes.  It is also long enough that you will not show the entire plane your goods when you are trying to heave your suitcase in the over head bin.  I paired it with my FAVORITE jean jacket because I always get cold when I fly.


Next up let’s talk about shoes and bags for airport travel.  I have to have something comfortable to walk in, but I don’t always want to wear tennis shoes.  Enter these mules.  I know some of you are thinking, eww she will go through security barefoot, but you are wrong.  Here is a little travel tip for you.  I always put a pair of socks in my tote bag when I am flying.  That way I can just slip on socks for the security process and then I have them if my feet gets cold on the plane.  I can walk through security without getting some kind of nasty foot fungus, but then I can look stylish and fab when you are hoofing it through the airport.



As we all know, you can only take so many carry-on’s on the plane with you and that is why this tote and pouch combination is a must have when you are flying.  It basically is like carrying two purses in one because you can stow the tote in the purse when flying, but then use it as a clutch when you are at your final desination and don’t necessarily want to carry a big purse with you.  Perfect!  I love the silver color too.  It is so unexpected and a little bit festive looking for the holiday season.

Dress | Necklace

The last element of this outfit I want to talk about is this gorgeous Chelsie necklace.  You guys know that one of the many reasons that I love ABLE is because they are giving a future to women who might otherwise struggle.  This necklace, and an entire collection that accompanies it, is made by one of their jewelry designers named Chelsie.  Chelsie is a recovering addict that came to work with ABLE in 2016.  She has moved up from working as an entry-level jewelry maker to having her own collection that is the feature jewelry collection for ABLE this holiday season.  I have had the pleasure to meet Chelsie in person at the ABLE office and she is so talented.  You have to check out her story of recovery and the inspiration behind the Chelsie collection here.   The story behind this beautiful necklace and all the pieces in her collection is just one of the many stories they have of giving women a place, a voice and a future and that is why I love ABLE.


Because of women like you, who give me a chance to come into your life and become friends and make recommendations of things I think you will love, we are ABLE to support women not only here locally but around the world.  By buying from ABLE you are supporting a global chorus of people who are standing up for women around the globe and giving us all a better future.  ABLE has always been such a tremendous partner to me and I am honored to get to wear and talk about their brand.  They have also been kind enough, as I mentioned above, to give a discount code for my followers.  Use code LANDYN20 for 20% your entire purchase, including markdowns.  They were also sweet enough to create an entire page that is dedicated to some of my favorite pieces in their colleciton, so make sure you check it out.  Here is to creating a community where we are all ABLE to thrive!

Thank you to ABLE for sponsoring this post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.  Thank you to all of you for supporting the brands that help make Living with Landyn possible.

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December 15, 2017



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