Ok ladies, this is another gift guide you’ll want to send along to your hubs! The ‘For Her’ gift guide below is made up of the top 15 items I can’t live without, from the cashmere scarf I’m always talking about to the Mojave Ghost perfume that so many of you ask about. So whether you are a lady shopping for your sister or friend OR your wife sent you here to shop for her…you can’t go wrong gifting the items below. Happy shopping!



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1. Cashmere Scarf: I always say every girl should own a cashmere scarf.

2. Roomba: Ah my beloved Roomba. I wouldn’t be able to get through without mine. My sweet Jack sheds all the day long and we barely notice because of how well this little thing works its magic. It’s one of those practical gifts that she will actually use EVERYDAY. Easy win.

3. Stackable Ring Set: I mean aren’t these pretty? Stackable rings are so glamorous and fun because while they are meant to wear together, you can wear each individually too. It’s like three for one!

4. Favorite Undies: Ok so I know we all say “who wants underwear for Christmas” but that was before we knew about these pretty ladies! They are my absolute favorite to wear. All the colors + the prettiest lace detailing…what more could a girl want? Comfy too!

5. Studded Earrings: All the sparkle!! These are sure to have everyone looking twice + you’d never know they weren’t real diamonds. Wear these for a date night or better yet…that fancy New Year’s party!

6. Dry Styling Collection: Oribe Dry Styling collection for hair includes a travel size dry shampoo and texturizing spray + a full size texturizing spray. And let me just tell you…GAME CHANGER. You need this. If you’re a husband reading this, your lady NEEDS this.

7. Ugg Miranda Robe: Want to know what being wrapped up in a cloud feels like? May I introduce you to the Ugg Miranda Robe. It is everything you need after stepping out of the shower this winter.

8. The Minelia Jacket: One word – ABLE. You know how much I love their jackets + anything & everything else they sell. If you’re a black denim gal, this jacket is for you. Major plus to buying from this brand is you can trust that you’re purchase is helping their mission to end generational poverty through providing economic opportunity for women! Love! Also currently 30% off RIGHT NOW.

9. Pajamas: I think I said this last year and it still rings true…everyone needs a new set of cozy pajamas under the Christmas tree and these are THOSE pjs. That’s all

10. Cashmere Gloves: If you get the cashmere scarf, you really HAVE to get these matching cashmere gloves. Best part of these is that you can text and use your phone with them. I don’t know about you, but for me, that is a necessity. She will love these.

11. CALPAK Round Backpack: This gorgeous backpack is a fun twist to the usual purse! Very stylish + it comes in five different colors. You would ROCK this.

12. SOREL Snow Boot: So many of you ladies asked me about these when I went on my camping trip. Plus, I’m obsessed too. Make sure you put these on your Christmas list. Especially if you are planning any winter vacays or live somewhere cold!

13. Mojave Ghost Perfume: Mmm, mmm, mmm! I can’t tell you how many times people ask me what perfume I wear. Look no further because here it is. I’ve been rocking Mojave Ghost for a few years now and it has never let me down. Get one for you, your mom, your sister. All the ladies you love!

14. O-Venture Key Ring: I’ve also been rocking this key ring for over 2+ years. It is so helpful to have if you are a lady on the go like me. You can just hook your keys to this fancy ring and wear them like a bracelet. They are out of the way but also within reach.

15. Oatmeal Fedora: Give me all the fall hats! Seriously, I can’t get enough. And after you wear this perfect fedora, you’ll be saying the same. Make sure you tell Santa about this one.


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November 20, 2018


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