One of the worst things about changing seasons is realizing that you don’t have the full wardrobe as you wish you did. I can’t tell you how many times I go looking for something I wore last year and I can’t find it or certain things have worn out or don’t fit the same. It is sad, but do not be afraid to get rid of old clothing and get a few new items!

You don’t have to go crazy and get a whole new wardrobe every season, I have plenty of clothes that have stayed staples in my wardrobe for many seasons! The main things I look for are clothes that are easy, cool and effortless. If we don’t have time or we are on the go, I want to look put together, but not as though I have spent a crazy amout of time getting ready.

One thing I have learned is that there are basics for any season, and if you have them, it makes dressing a whole lot easier. You don’t feel like you have to run to the mall any time you have a dinner or event AND you don’t feel like you never have anything to wear. When I have these wardrobe essentials, it doesn’t feel like a huge task to dress well. And when I dress up a little more than just wearing yoga pants or sweats, I always feel more confident, even if I am just cleaning at home or running to the grocery store.

All of my girlfriends know how much I love my neutrals. Of course this is a personal preference, but when it comes to the basics, neutrals are your best friend. Neutrals are great for mixing, matching and layering. From hats to shoes, when you are working with neutrals, it is hard to mess up! Here are some of my summer wardrobe basics for this year, I hope you find something you are missing or rediscover something you might already have! We are all just trying to beat the heat in style!


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June 22, 2018



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