Adult Friendships, Gratitude + Finding Your Passion for Volunteering

with Karly Murphy


The podcast episode this week is SPECIAL.

I have on my sweet, sweet friend – Karly Murphy.

Karly and I met here in Nashville and quickly became close friends in our girl gang friendship of women.

Karly has one of the MOST unique stories I’ve had the privilege to know – and her outlook on life is truly one that encourages me to be a better person each and every day. She was raised by a single dad, moved around A LOT as a child, and has the most empathetic heart I’ve ever witnessed.

Karly is a wife, a mother, a step-mother, and is a children’s advocate for those in the court system as result of abuse or neglect through her volunteer work with CASA.

One of the parts in the conversation that moved me the most was when Karly was telling a story of how she remembers each and every kind gesture that was given to her and her sister when they were growing.

At one point, she asked a very generous person in her life how she could ever pay them back – and they said to her- Whenever you get the chance in life, I want you to help someone else.

And that is exactly what she’s doing with her work with CASA. And she’s here to inspire you to find your place of giving back, too.

In our conversation, we are chatting about

  • Her volunteer work with CASA and how you can get involved in your area as well,
  • Her attitude of gratitude (SERIOUSLY – with her unique story, she’s AMAZING to have this outlook), and
  • How to have deep friendships as an adult.

Ladies – Karly also is laying out the incredibly moving story about how she ended up in Nashville. Bring your tissues and laughs for this one.

If you’re feeling a bit tired or beat down lately – this conversation will truly give you the reset you’re looking for – full of love, relatability and purpose.

Follow Karly here!

Take a listen and find the resources from the episode below!

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May 17, 2021

Adult Friendships, Gratitude + Finding Your Passion for Volunteering


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