I get SO many questions about my skincare routine, so in this video, I am going to go over everything I do and use so that you guys can have it for reference.  I have tried lots of different products over the years, and most of the products I am about to tell you about I have used for the last 5 years and absolutely love. 

Of course routine trips to your dermatologist are important as well. Dr. Lorien Sites - Nashville Skin Comprehensive Dermatology Center is my gal pal and my go to for it all...pretty skin, yearly mole checks, Botox and some good 'ol girl talk. Becuase ladies she is ALL. THE. THINGS. She's smart *obviously* and has been so great at helping me simplify my skin care routine. Educating me on what products to invest in and what not to. Taking her advice has made a world of difference in my skin. She's about my age and a mother of two. She just gets it. 

Hope this post answers most of your questions and gives you some insight to my daily skincare routine. Go ahead ladies, put your best face forward! 

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Nashville Skin Comprehensive Dermatology Center

Lorien Y. Sites, MD