She’s baaaack! I’m joined on today’s podcast by my right hand gal and friend, Anne Claire Patterson. We’ve worked together for almost three years and our relationship has grown deeper, stronger and more like family as time passes. I just LOVE her to pieces! You all sent in questions that you wanted me to ask her about working with me, about our relationship, how she stays organized and the traits of a good boss. So we sat down and had a heart to heart all about our daily routine, what I do that drives her nuts and dig deep into the why of what we do at Living with Landyn. She really has some good tips + tricks on being an amazing right hand. 

Besides lots of laughs and a good time, this episode covers:

  • What business apps + tools this team uses to stay organized
  • Why you should never respond to texts with just “OK”
  • How Covid has deeply impacted the journey for Living with Landyn + Anne Claire’s role
  • How to foster a loving + supportive  working relationship 

Oh my gosh, I just love this one so much. Be sure to listen to my other podcast episodes with Anne Claire too! We’ve got one all about how we met and hilarious travel stories. I’m SURE she’ll be back in the future, so feel free to ask more questions on the comments below. 




  • Anne Claire stays organized with her Notes app on her phone.
  • I just found a great app called Chuck that organizes and cleans out your email.
  • The whole business communicates with the walkie talkie app Voxer.
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August 24, 2020

Ep 29 Growing a Business with My Work Wife Anne Claire


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Jan Fisher Johnson

Basically say “k” to my daughter all the time! Who knew?! I thought it was what you do! Lol Btw I’m 59😍

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