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This is a special podcast, guys. I sit down with Mister, also known as Dave Hutchinson. He’s the Jack of all trades, the Bob Vila, the heart of the family, the best grandpa ever and the best father-in-law ever. Awhile back I shared his Instagram @oh.mister and while we went out to dinner he went from 3 to 3000 followers! You guys love Mister! So I thought it would be fun to sit down and do an episode with him so you can all get to know this wonderful man. He’s been an amazing father-in-law now for 28 years. Isn’t that WILD? We chat all about meeting each other and some of our DIY adventures like the Ikea bookcase project and our gardening beds. We also get into:

  • His first impressions of me + how he got his nickname Mister
  • Raising such a goal-oriented son + his thoughts on the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • His fascinating career as a police officer + SWAT team member
  • Our mutual love for all things grilling + his favorite things to make 

I just love this man so much. I’m so, so lucky to have him in my life and of course what he’s given me with Steve. This is making me so blubbery! FAMILY IS EVERYTHING. Enjoy!

Love you. Mean it.




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August 31, 2020

Ep 31 Mister: Father-in-law Wisdom + DIY Adventures


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Candace Hannan

Can you share the shirts you get mister as gifts??

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