Thank you for sending in your questions for this new Hey Landyn format! LOVING IT. Keep ’em coming girls and I will keep answering.


When can I hear the podcast?

Things are rolling with the podcast! It’s exciting! If anyone was made for this, it’s me because I love stories and I LOVE TO TALK. Love learning about people and the insight others give. The journey and the ups and the downs. I’m pretty excited about this–it’s bringing me a lot of joy these days. I think it’s going to be a great outlet and hope you all really enjoy it! We have our fingers crossed to launch at the end of March. There are a lot of things behind the scenes that need to happen to pull this off, but we’re batching episodes and we’ve got a few guests that I think you’re going to really enjoy. Future episodes include Karee Hayes and Anne Claire; we’ve got my girlfriend Stephanie and my best from high school; two episodes with Steve, one with Lilly, my Mom…the list goes on! I’ve also recorded a few solo episodes answering questions you’ve sent in. These are my FAVORITE. Stay tuned!

Tell us about your siblings, how many, where they live, are they full or half? Just curious as we never hear about any?

Well, they broke the mold when they made me. Haha! I’m the original child. My parents had me and divorced when I was 2. Then my dad went on to remarry and had two daughters. So I have two half sisters that live in New York. They’re both married and have two kids, so I have three nieces and one nephew between them. Then my mom remarried whenI was 12. Married an AWESOME guy who already had two boys. So I have two step brothers who live in Florida near my Mom and are also married, with two nieces and nephews between them. THEN my mom and step dad had my sister Olivia when I was 21 and she’s 21 now! She’s a senior at the University of Florida. We’ve never lived under the same roof, but we’re super close. I’m like the cool young mom to her and she’s like a fun niece to me. That’s my sibling story! I live here and they live there, but we talk often. I don’t share them a lot because I respect their privacy. They didn’t ask to be online and things like that all the time. I love them SO MUCH and we have a great time when we get together.

Can you share more about how you shave your face?

I absolutely shave my face. In fact, I shaved my face this morning in the shower! I use a men’s razor, a Gillette Mach3 or a Tinkle Razor. Just BE CAREFUL, you don’t want to take off an eyebrow. Just do it like a man would shave. Have you ever seen an older man with wrinkles on the bottom of his face?? No! Because they have been exfoliating their skin since they were 15 years old! Shaving exfoliates the dead skin cells. Product goes on better, your makeup goes on better. I’ve been doing it about 4 years and I’m a huge fan. I have a post with a video about it here. Karee Hayes will be discussing this on her episode of my podcast! I like to do it wet with a soapy cleanser. Karee also uses conditioner. And no, you’re not going to grow a beard. Trust me!

I was wondering what is the best thing to use on your face for sun protection. Help?! Traveling to the Bahamas for my honeymoon 3/9/20!!

First, congrats on your upcoming wedding! For sunscreen, you won’t be shocked to hear this—definitely Revision Intellishade. When I’m at the beach I wear it, when I’m at home I wear it. It’s something I apply on the daily. It’s a SPF 45 tinted moisturizer, so it looks like you have a little bit of makeup on which is awesome. You apply it with a wet sponge, make sure you wring it out really well. That’s what I wear if I’m taking a walk or doing my everyday life. I got into the habit of it over the years and it’s done so well with my skin. For body coverage, I pick up a can of good ol Neutrogena sunscreen and I always go for  30. I like a little sun but don’t want to burn.

Favorite self tanners?

Listen, we all need a little help. Especially this time of year. Some of my favorites are from Josie Maran and St Tropez and I’ve recently been clued into tanning drops that mix in with moisturizer. Anne Claire loves it and Lilly just got some and was glowing! I’ll roundup a few below and I have a post here as well!

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March 10, 2020

Hey Landyn | Podcast update + siblings + tanning


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What’s been your favorite vacation ever with Steve or Steve and the kiddos?


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