If you’ve been following along, then you know a few weeks ago, Steve and I snuck off to Utah for a little getaway while our kids were on their own trips. One in Minnesota to stay with a family friend and the other on a class trip to Florida. Let me tell you, it was such a refresher. It was so nice to disconnect and spend quality time together. It was definitely needed before Steve gets back to work, kids start school and I start…. ALL THE THINGS. Whew, I am still catching my breath from the hike Steve and I went on in UTAH. We logged 20+ miles and could have walked for days. There’s really something about being that high up and being able to see for miles. I really do believe I’ve found a place I can really just be. Thank you, Utah.

We stayed in Deer Valley at the Montague– (absolutely gorgeous) and hiked in that area. I don’t necessarily know the exact trails (I wasn’t holding the map, I prefer to just get lost) but it’s truly some of the prettiest countryside around. You really must visit. We also explored Park City and actually hiked there one day 6+ miles, but man those nachos + beers at the end were worth every footstep. We laughed till we cried (my favorite emotion) talked for hours in a single file line and then said nothing for miles. We hit up the spa, played darts, talked about our 5 year plan, breathed in that fresh air and enjoyed a few bottles of wine. I treasure our one on one time like gold.

I put down my phone that trip and really tired to unplug, except for sharing a few snaps of that picturesque mountainside. After we unpacked, I had many, may messages about where we stayed, what hiking shoes I was wearing, steve’s shirt, my sports bra, which backpack I was carrying etc.. So today, I thought I’d share all the details and answer your questions. So below are some of the things you may have caught a glimpse of. Didn’t know so many of you were outdoorsy girls like me 🙂



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August 20, 2019



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Where are the awesome nachos here again?

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