I love the joy in gathering around the table for yummy meals, hosting friends or a fun night in with the family. In my house, food is the way to our hearts, and I wanted to share some fun ways to gift these food inspired baskets. I hope this gives you some inspiration and you can never go wrong with a food themed gift!




What better way to start the day than with a breakfast after a party?This Is one of my favorites to gift, but probably more to receive. After entertaining, and cleaning up the next morning, breakfast is the last thing on my mind. I filled this basket with some pancake mix, bananas, whisk, wooden spatula, maple syrup, coordinating hot pads and tea towel. The possibilities with this basket are endless, pick your pancake add on and let that inspire your theme. Like red and strawberries, blue and fresh blueberries and so on. I love this basket for a hostess with little ones, you can’t go wrong with pancakes, party or no party.


For the hostess who loves a homemade touch, croutons are the way to go. I love gifting this one because regardless if you are a cook/baker or not. These are fool proof. Such a useful and nice gift to receive. They will be sure to enjoy on any salad. I like to tie mine up with cellophane and tie up with some twine to give it that homemade feel.


This one is perfect for summer. It’s a useful and creative gift to walk in with. I feel like everyone is a salsa fan, so why not give it and let your friends try out their green thumb. I like to include a tomato, jalapeño and cilantro starter plant, an onion a few limes and your favorite chili lime seasoning. You could even pop a few avocados in there. Peep the tortilla chips in the back. It’s kinda hard to put a whole entire bag of chips with everything else, but this is a clever touch and pulls it all together. I also threw in a pair of garden shears and you could even have a pair of garden gloves hanging over the side of the container. Again, another FAVORITE to gift.


For the hostess who loves to entertain and cook, this grill gift is perfect. Instead of using a basket, I picked up this cute portable grill from World Market. HOW FUN, riiight?!? Added some condiments, 6pk of beer, grilling tools, paper napkins, hotdog buns, skewers and some seasoning to fit the theme. This would make a great Father’s Day present, or if you know someone that’s about to go camping or loves to tailgate.  Gotta a little crafty and made some  “flames” using tissue paper squares.

An ice cream basket is the perfect summer gift and also makes a fun birthday gift too. For this one, I had fun down the ice cream topping aisle. Grabbing all the fun topping to make any ice cream session a success. Sugar cones, fun paper cups, scooper, sprinkle napkins and don’t forget the cherries! The only thing they’ll be missing is the ice cream itself!

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June 1, 2023

Hostess Gifts: For the Foodie


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